Day 4 for Summer Olympics in Rio

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Today, Olympic Games started out with women’s volleyball as well as women’s rowing. The rowing reminds me of the rowing machine at the gym, in which I have tried a couple of times for fun.  I remember in college, UCI has a men’s water polo team.

At 6pm, I went to check out a Baseball Photography seminar at Canon. When, I arrived home, I turned on the television at 10:15pm to check out Summer Olympics highlights, and I noticed three men getting medals. it was for Men’s Swimming, and Michael Phelps won Gold for USA, while Brazil won Silver, and Hungary won Bronze.

At 10:30pm, I decided to make a cup of Aztec Spicy Cacao drink. I placed two tablespoons of the cacao into a cup, before warming a cup of water in the microwave and pour it into the cup. I also added some raw agave. I decided to top it with some vegan French Vanilla ice cream and cinnamon. This drink would make a good drink for wintertime, but I might also add nutmeg to make it more festive.

Women’s gymnastics is on next, where USA’s Laurie, Aly, and Simone performed on the beam. I think Simone did the best. China performed next on the beam, and the girl is very tiny, much smaller than the USA gymnasts. UK’s Ellie performed on the floor, dancing and tumbling. USA is so far in the lead, followed by China and then Japan. China performs on the floor, tumbling and dancing a routine, and I notice that she is very light and fast. The second gymnast for China performed, but she messed up. USA’s Laurie, Aly, and Simone will perform next on the floor, tumbling and dancing their routine, and Laurie did a good job. Then, Aly performed, and her routine seems strong. Simone performed next, and she needs to do really well to score a Gold Medal for the USA Team. Simone scored a 15.8, which puts USA Team in first place for the Gold. USA girls huddle together and holler “We are the final five.” Russia gets Silver medal, while China gets Bronze medal.

There were also some Women’s Synchronized Diving, where two women simultaneously dive together, and they have to be synchronized all the way down. China is considered to be the best at this Olympic sport. USA, China, North Korea, and China is in first place, followed by North Korea, and then USA.

Matthew McConaughey was interviewed in Rio.

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