Day 5 of Summer Olympics in Rio

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I didn’t watch much of Olympics today, but I remember there were some swimming, rowing, and other races. When I returned home from the photography seminar about Lightroom program, I watched some Olympics, and it was mostly swimming races for men and women.

There were also some men’s gymnastics which is mostly tumbling on the floor. Japan performed on the floor, while USA and Great Britain performed on the Horse. Ukraine also performed on the floor. So far, Great Britain is in first place, followed by two Japanese men in second and third place. But this is only the first rotation. USA performed on Vault. It is between Japan and Ukraine for Gold, and they performed on the bars. Japan wins Gold, Oleg of Ukraine wins Silver, and Max of Great Britain wins Bronze.

There are lots of people from Orange County in Southern California, such as Gymnast Sam M. from Newport Beach and Volleyball player April from Costa Mesa. Also, there are two swimmers from Huntington Beach. Gibb, from Huntington Beach, has been eliminated.

So, I decide to stay up at midnight to check out the Olympic recap for Day 5. Rugby has made a comeback in the Olympics for men and women athletes. As I watch the Olympics today, I notice that it seems to be rainy and windy today in Rio.

Meanwhile, in the Orange County coastal area, the weather will be around 70s and 80s, depending on which city, but it is likely to be hotter inland in the Disneyland area of Anaheim.

USA swimming won three medals on Day 5. Men’s Synchronized Diving competition is moving toward the end. Russia and China seemed to do well, so far. Great Britain appears to be in first place, followed by China and then USA. China isn’t diving as well as they usually do, and it is likely Great Britain and USA might do better. GB remains in the lead, while USA is now in second and China is in third. China moves up to second position, while the USA is in third. USA scores high in last round. GB also dived really good to keep them in first place. China did average. Therefore, Great Britain wins Gold, USA wins silver, and China wins Bronze.

For women’s cycling, Kristin won Gold for USA. She is also celebrating her birthday on August 10. Ryan Seacrest interviewed her, and the people there sang Happy Birthday for her.

Also, men’s BMX and women’s weightlifting was highlighted on Wednesday.


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