Day 6 of Summer Olympics in Rio

Thursday, August 11, 2016

I turned on the television at 10am, and noticed that the final men’s rowing race is about to start. As I watch, I notice five countries appear to be struggling to stay in the lead, but Germany appears to be the fastest. Germany, Australia, Estonia, Great Britain, and Poland are leading the rowing race. Therefore, Germany wins Gold, Australia wins Silver, and Estonia wins Bronze.

In women’s final rowing race, German, Dutch, and Ukraine are in the lead. USA takes the lead, followed by Poland. Poland, Germany, Nederland, Ukraine and USA are the top five in this race. Germany wins Gold, Nederland wins Silver, and Poland wins Bronze.

Women’s Water Polo game between China and USA is on next.

Another men’s rowing race includes Italy, GB, and South Africa in the lead. New Zealand wins Gold, South Africa wins Silver, and Italy wins Bronze.

Another women’s rowing race includes Poland, Great Britain, and Lithuania appear in the lead. Poland wins Gold, Great Britain wins Silver, and Lithuania wins Bronze.

Men’s Doubles Rowing race includes Croatia, Lithuania, and Norway. Croatia wins Gold, Lithuania wins Silver, and Norway wins Bronze.

Denmark, Switzerland and Italy lead another rowing race. Switzerland is now leading, followed by Denmark, and then France. Switzerland wins Gold, Denmark wins Silver, and France wins Bronze.

In the women’s swimming race, USA won Gold, Hungary won Silver, and Great Britain won Bronze. In another women’s swimming race, Canada is in the lead. They are swimming the backstroke.  Hungary wins gold, USA wins silver, and Canada wins bronze.

USA athlete Michael Phelps gets ready to compete in the men’s swimming race.  USA’s Ryan Lochte was in the lead. They appear to be doing the butterfly stroke. Suddenly Phelps takes the lead all the way to the end until he wins gold, while Japan’s Hagino wins silver and China’s Wang wins bronze. Men’s swimming race has Australia, Germany and Russia in the lead. USA Ryan Murphy wins a gold medal, followed by Australia’s Mitch Larkin wins a silver medal, and Russia Rylov wins a bronze medal. Another men’s swimming race, where Italy is in the lead. But Hungary comes in first, USA’s Michael Phelps comes in second, and Poland comes in third. So, on Friday, there will be the men’s swimming final.

Golf was also highlighted.  USA athlete Missy Franklin gets ready to compete in the women’s swimming race. Hungary, Canada and USA lead the women’s race.  Hungary is in the lead, followed by USA, and then Australia in women’s swimming.

A women’s volleyball game between USA and Russia, and Russia appears to be leading.

At 8pm, I watched more summer Olympic Games, which started with women’s gymnastics.  Brazil’s Rebeca performed first. Then, USA’s Aly R., Simone B., China’s Wang Yan, Russia’s Aliya M., and Russia’s Seda T. performed flips over a horse. Aly performed on the bars. Simone took her turn on the bars. China’s Wang Yan, Russia’s Aliya M., Russia’s Seda T., and Brazil’s Rebeca performed on the bars. Aliya is in first place, followed by Simone in second, and Seda in third. USA Simone Biles gets the Gold, while USA Aly Raisman gets the Silver in gymnastics. Russia received the Bronze. Women’s gymnastics continues at 11pm. Simone B. performed on the beam. Russia’s Aliya performs on the beam, next. Russia’s Seda performs on the beam, but she falls at the end. Brazil’s Rebeca performs on the beam, and she performed a good routine. USA’s Aly performs on the beam, and she did good, coming in third. Simone comes in first, Alyiha comes in second, and Aly comes in third. They will now perform on bars. China’s Shang performed on the bars, while Russia’s Alyiha performed a nice dance routine on the floor, along with the gymnastic flips. Russia’s Seda T. does an interesting dance routine, along with the flips, but she falls at the end of the last flip. Brazil’s Rebeca also performed a fun dance routine with lots of flips, and I think she did a good job. USA’s Aly performed a good dance routine with her solid flips. Aly is now in first place. USA’s Simone performed her routine with flips, and I think she is in first place. Simone gets Gold, Aly gets Silver, and Alyiha M. gets Bronze. The gymnastics finals will be on Sunday.

USA Women won Gold in swimming. Women swim butterfly stroke in swimming race. Japan finishes first for the gold medal, followed by Russia’s Yulia who gets the silver medal, and China’s Shi gets the bronze medal. Another women’s swimming race has USA and Canada tie for first place, Sweden come in second, and Australia comes in third.

Meanwhile, back in real life, Macys department stores plans to close around 100 stores. But I noticed last week that the Wet Seal store that closed down plans to open up a Wet Seal Pop-up, similar to the Hello Kitty Pop-up, in the mall. I think it is just another form of downsizing to a smaller version of the store, kind of like a street vendor booth.

I wish there was a schedule for these Olympic Games because it is sometimes confusing what is playing when. I remember they used to have a daily schedule, but they stopped do it all of the sudden.


  1. Gil Camporazo

    Have you come across the name Hidilyn Diaz in women’s weightlifting competition? She gives honor to our country the Philippines by getting a silver in the said contest. We’re very proud of her.

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