Day 7 of Summer Olympics in Rio

Friday, August 12, 2016

I parked my car at the Spectrum Center at 11:11am. After sitting in the sauna for a while, I went to one hour of yoga. Then, I returned home to check out the Summer Olympics.

There was a soccer game between USA and Sweden on for a while, but it quickly changed to men’s swimming race, which is actually called 1500 Freestyle Heat. Great Britain seems to be in the lead. USA comes in first, followed by Australia, and then Italy.  Another men’s freestyle swimming heat race started. USA comes in first, followed by Japan, and then China in third. Sweden beats USA, and Sweden advance to more soccer games, while the USA team goes home back to America.

Women’s Volleyball game is between USA and Italy, and USA appears to be in the lead.

Women’s gymnastics performed on trampoline. They check to see who jumps the highest as well as flips. 1st Great Britain scored high, but now she has to wait to see if anyone beats her score. (it is noticed that there aren’t more than two people from same country). Belarus , 2nd Great Britain, China, and Canada take their turns to beat the 1st GB, and Canada is now in first place. 2nd Chinese preformed, and she is in third place. 2nd Belarus performed, but she didn’t score very high.  Canada wins Gold, Great Britain wins Silver, and China wins Bronze.

Meanwhile, I decided to make a cup of hot Aztec Cacao, and I added some pieces of tofu as vegan mini marshmallows. (This is just my idea that I want to try out for fun).

As I check out women’s rowing competition, I notice that the countries in the lead are New Zealand, Great Britain, and Denmark. Great Britain wins Gold, New Zealand wins Silver, and Denmark wins Bronze.

Men’s rowing starts, and it appears that Great Britain is in the lead.

After I ate my dinner of frying some tofu pieces in coconut oil, along with some mushrooms, olives, vegan pepperoni, and leafy greens, which tasted like vegan scrambled eggs with veggies, I got ready to continue watching the Olympics at 8pm.

In men’s track, the top three from USA, Grenada, and South Africa, will move on to the finals.

In the women’s swimming 200 backstroke final, USA’s Dirado wins Gold, Hungary’s Hosszu wins Silver, and Canada’s Caldwell wins Bronze. USA and Hungary were very close that it looked like a tie to me, but I guess USA won by an inch or so.

In the men’s swimming 100 butterfly stroke final, USA’s Michael Phelps will race for a medal. Singapore wins Gold, USA’s Michael Phelps wins Silver, and South Africa wins Bronze.

In the women’s 800 freestyle swimming final, USA’s LeDecky was swimming way up front in the lead ahead of the rest, and she easily wins the Gold medal as well as makes World Record history. Great Britain wins the Silver medal, and Hungary wins the Bronze medal.

In another men’s swimming race, USA Ervin wins Gold, France wins Silver, and USA wins Bronze.

In Women’s 100M Dash, the top three are Jamaica, Ivory Coast, and Switzerland. In another Women’s 100M, the top three are from USA, Poland, and Ukraine. In the women’s 50M freestyle swimming semifinals 1, the top three are from Great Britain, Australia, and Brazil. In the 50M freestyle semifinals 2, the top three are from Denmark, Australia, and Netherlands. In the third race, the top three are from Jamaica, Brazil, and Trinidad. In the fourth race, the top three are from USA, RSA, and Bulgaria.

In the Beach Volleyball game between USA and Italy, USA is ahead 12-7. The USA score seems to grow quickly, and it is now at 21-10, and then they change sides. USA continues to be ahead. Winner will go to the finals.



  1. Gil Camporazo

    Our country’s silver medalist in this Olympics, Hidilyn Diaz is already home in her hometown in Zamboanga City. She was given a hero’s welcome for the honor she brought home. She lifted a 200kgs weight in the weightlifting contest.

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