Day 8 of Summer Olympics in Rio

Saturday, August 13, 2016

I woke up with a bad headache, which felt like a hangover. After eating breakfast, feeding Gumby, and watching the Olympics, I turned on my computer to browse around on different sites. I think my headache is from staying up too late watching the Olympics and see who won what. So, I decided not to go to the local mall to draw a little before the art gallery reception. I will just go to the art gallery around 4pm.

At this afternoon’s art reception, I decided to do three videos, one video of the artworks on display, one video of the art reception party, and one video of the Live Art interaction activity at the event. Since the weather was nice, I walked outside and noticed some scenes I wanted to draw. So, I need to return tomorrow to get some drawing done.

In the Men’s Rowing Final, Great Britain won Gold, Germany won Silver, and Netherland won Bronze.

Women’s Track heat, which involved six rounds, it appears that Jamaica, Zambia, Poland, Canada and USA will qualify for the finals.

Men’s 100M track heats advanced many men to the finals.

In the Men’s 4x100M Medley Relay Final, USA’s Michael Phelps will compete in this swimming race. USA won Gold, Great Britain won Silver, and Australia won Bronze. In the Women’s 4x100M Medley Relay, USA won Gold, Australia won Silver, and Denmark won Bronze.

In the Women’s 100M semifinals 1 and 2, the qualifying women who will advance to the final are from USA, TTO, Jamaica, Netherland, and Ivory Coast. In the third semifinal, the women who will compete in the finals are from Jamaica, USA and Niger. In the Final race, Jamaica’s Thompson won Gold, USA’s Bowie won Silver, and Jamaica’s Fraser-Pryce won bronze.

In the Men’s 1500M Freestyle swimming race, Italy’s Paltrinieri wins Gold within World Record time, USA’s Jaeger wins Silver, and Italy’s Detti wins Bronze.

In the Women’s 50M Freestyle swimming race, Denmark wins Gold, USA’s Simone Manuel wins Silver, and Belarus wins Bronze. This race was very close because all eight women were swimming together toward the finish line, and it was hard to see who actually reached the end first.

In the Men’s 50M Freestyle, USA wins Gold, France wins Silver, and USA wins Bronze.

In the Men’s 10,000M Final, Great Britain’s Mo Farah wins Gold, Kenya’s Tanui wins Silver, and Ethiopia’s Toya wins Bronze.

In the Men’s Discus Throw, Germany wins Gold, Poland wins Silver, and German wins Bronze.

In Men’s Rowing Final, Great Britain wins Gold, German wins Silver, and Netherland wins Bronze. Another Men’s rowing final concluded with Croatia winning Gold, New Zealand winning Silver, and Czech winning Bronze. At another men’s rowing race, Great Britain wins Gold, Germany wins Silver, and Netherland wins Bronze.

In the Women’s Rowing Final, Australia wins Gold, USA wins Silver, and China wins Bronze.

The Women’s Water Polo game between USA and Hungary appeared to be moving in the favor of USA. I watched up to USA scored 7 while Hungary scored 3.

Women’s Long Jump is between Belarus, Germany and Great Britain in the top three countries.

Men’s Long Jump concluded with USA winning a Gold medal, South Africa winning a Silver medal, and Great Britain winning a Bronze medal.

In the Women’s 800M Freestyle, USA wins Gold, Great Britain wins Silver, and Hungary wins Bronze.

In Men’s Butterfly final, Singapore wins Gold, and there is a tie between South Africa and USA for Silver.

Women’s 200M Backstoke Final concluded with USA winning Gold, Hungary winning Silver, and Canada winning Bronze.

Women’s Singles concluded with Puerto Rico winning Gold, Germany winning Silver, and Czech winning Bronze.

Women’s Heptathlon concluded with Belgium’s Thiam winning Gold, Great Britain winning Silver, and Canada winning Bronze.

In the Men’s 800M, men from Kenya, USA, Algeria, and Poland will advance to the Final race on Monday.


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