Day 9 of Summer Olympics in Rio

Sunday, August 14, 2016

When I woke up around 11am, I turned on the television set and noticed a Women’s Olympic basketball game between USA and China. USA has a higher score. USA won with a score of 105 to 62.

Women’s Synchronized swimming started, but the final will be on Tuesday. Two women perform together, and are carefully compared for perfect synchronization. Spain performed first. China performed, next. I noticed lots of legwork. USA performed. Russia is next, and they are considered the best in synchronized swimming. Russia is so far in the lead, followed by Japan and China. There will also be some synchronize swimming tomorrow.

Golf is next, and each person from a different country took their turn. When I decided to leave at 3pm, equestrian competition started. I will maybe check out the highlights at night.

At the South Coast Plaza Village Center, it was peaceful and quiet, almost like a ghost town, except there were a few people walking around hither and thither. I drew a page and a half. I decided to stop there because I didn’t know which character to put in these scenes. It will most likely be the main character, but I am not sure who she will meet or chat with in those scenes. I will probably add it later.

When I sat in my car, I noticed that my car’s digital clock is 5:55pm, although when I later I arrived home the time inside my townhouse was 5:50pm. All my clocks and watches are off by five or so minutes. As I was driving home, I noticed that the comic book store that used to be by my townhouse at the town center is now at Main Street business district, and they have books out by the door. I should stop by this week to check it out this week. It was too peaceful and quiet today probably because it is a Sunday. After eating dinner, I turned on the TV, where the Olympics News mentioned that three male USA athletes were held up at gunpoint and robbed. They are all OK, but the robbers took their wallets.

Women’s 400M Track semifinal heats to find the qualifying women who will advance to the finals. The top three of one of them included USA, Jamaica, and Ukraine. In the next heat, Jamaica and USA will advance. Three USA women will also go to the finals.

In the Men’s 100M semifinals, USA , Jamaica and France will go to the finals.

Women’s 100M Finals includes Jamaica’s Thompson Gold, USA’s Bowie gets Silver, and Jamaica’s Fraser-Pryce gets Bronze.

In the Women’s 1500M semifinals, Ethiopia, USA and Great Britain are the top three in round one.

In the Men’s Gymnastics Floor exercises, Japan’s Kohei was a little off. Brazil did OK. A 2nd Brazil man performed good. Great Britain and Brazil are in the top three. USA performed next, and he did well, in which he moved into second place. Great Britain wins Gold, USA wins Silver, and Brazil wins Bronze.

In the Women’s gymnastics vault competition, Uzbekistan did average. The top three, so far, are Switzerland, China, and PRK. Then, India comes in second, after Switzerland, and China comes in third. Russia is now in first place, followed by Switzerland and then India. Simone Biles gets the Gold medal, Russia gets the Silver medal, and Switzerland gets the Bronze medal, which is the first time any Swiss has won an medal in gymnastic.

In the Women’s gymnastics bars, Russia’s Aliya M. is in first place, followed by USA’s Gabby Douglas.  USA’s Madison K. is now in second place, after Russia’s Aliya. And, Germany’s Sophie is in third place. Russia’s Aliya gets a Gold medal, USA’s Madison K. gets the Silver medal, and Germany’s Sophie gets a Bronze medal. The other German was good, too, but she didn’t make it in the top three.

In the Women’s volleyball game between USA and Australia, it is a tie at 4 to 4, so far. USA beat Australia.


  1. Gil Camporazo

    I love watching women’s volleyball. I remember in one of our annual festivals here I have witnessed a beach volleyball for girls. It is amazing to see those girls doing their best spikes.

  2. Pat Z Anthony

    It is surprising to some that golf is now included. Then someone mentioned how the golf course will still be there after the event and could a tourist attraction.

    1. Fifi Leigh Post author

      i always thought that golf was for old people in their retirement. but i met lots of young people into playing golf.

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