Defining Myself By Looking In My Mirror

Presenting our self is the basis of one’s judgement to us. People has the tendency to be a critic. A saying would always remind us that” don’t judge the book by its cover” and there is a contradiction to saying “first impression last”. In my own perception. I believe that people are gifted in many ways on analyzing one’s personality which is often said as the “gut feeling”. It is the gift of holy spirit to our mankind. A little voice inside our hearts.

As for my own, the greatest misconceptions in my life is beyond me. I thought they could be right. As I think deeper into this topic. I thought that why don’t I try to define myself. This story might be boring but an experiment on my part on how I really know about myself. I could be flaunting, or maybe more, but this is me, some may think otherwise, if you have been reading my post I’m sure you would have known a little something about me.

MY PUBLIC SELF: I will say that I present myself in public as a person that is very talkative that I would engage in conversation with people that I just meet. I laugh my heart out when I find something funny. And lastly, I’m an opinionated person. I have always something to say to anything.

MY BLIND SPOT: I think my blind spot is that I am a person that have a soft heart to the people that I just meet. I refuse to see the bad side of a person. I believe in duality that if a person is bad there is goodness too.

MY HIDDEN SELF: It would be that I am a deep thinking person. I think all the possibilities. I think all the things that are around me. Even the negative things I thought of that. I have so many “what ifs’. A great pretender too. I’m can say I’m okay in spite of. I believe I could be an excellent actress.

MY UNCONCIOUS SELF: Many of whom I know has been telling me that I’m good at sales stuff. Things like that. Well, at first I didn’t believe them, but now it is what I’m doing and I think I’m really good at it.

It is a simple glance in my mirror. A simple truth about myself. A written word that will always remind me. Yes, it is true. Some would say indifferently about me; some would say something that can hurt me. But, I know myself.


  1. Pat Z Anthony

    We sometimes take a look at ourselves and are surprised how all facets of who we are have changed, matured. It is good to know who we are on all levels.

  2. Andria Perry

    I am actually a shy person but I will punch people out mistreating the elderly, a child or an animal.

    I think that you are a wonderful and nice person 🙂

  3. Gil Camporazo

    A physical mirror reflects on what you are in physical form. But the actions and reactions of the people whom you meet every day, every hour, every night are the “mirror” of your personality.

  4. Jo Pin

    I am somewhat introvert type of a person but how people perceive us doesn’t define us. We should know ourselves better and it is no surprise that we can define ourselves in a way people would hardly know.

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