Depression and Anxiety, Do They Go Together?

    I know that some people have never had an anxiety attack before, so on many writing sites I have written on before I write about anxiety attacks.  I write about what it’s like to have an anxiety attack and how it feels, because when I first started having anxiety attacks I ended up in the ER because my symptoms were similar to having a stroke.  On one of the sites that I was writing about my anxiety attacks, some one mentioned that often times people who suffer from anxiety also suffer from depression!!


After this statement, I thought about it and I also suffer from depression!!  So, maybe there is something about that statement.  I do know for a fact that depression is a chemical imbalance of the brain.  I found this out when my son was being diagnosed with his behavioral problems when he was younger.  So as I wondered if it is true, that depression and anxiety go together, I thought.  When a person is depressed they are sad and maybe don’t want to live anymore, they may often think that some thing is wrong with them..that no one loves them.  What does one do when they worry or obsess with finding an answer?  I know I begin to panic!!  Then when I panic, my heart gets to beating faster, my hands get sweaty, I begin to pace…  these are all systems of anxiety.  Also along with those body reactions, then you wonder what is going wrong with your body, are you going crazy, why is this happening to me..and it escalates!!  Pretty soon, you’re like a tight wound top, ready to unwind!!!


So, maybe people who suffer depression also suffer anxiety!  Do you suffer from depression/anxiety or both or maybe you’re a lucky one and suffer neither? 😉



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  1. Marie Edgerly

    I sometimes get depressed. But never really experienced anxiety. But, i have my family and my husband to help me when I get like that. Depression is something that can really take over your life if not taken care of.

  2. Jamie

    I suffer from both, along with being diagnosed bi-polar. It’s actually funny you wrote this because today is a bad anxiety day.

  3. JoDee Stout Post author

    @marie42, that’s good that you have family to help you through!! Yes, depression needs to be treated either with therapy or medication or both, but also support is very beneficial!!

  4. JoDee Stout Post author

    @sweetjamieblueyes, well at least you know that you’re NOT the only one who suffers from anxiety and depression..sometimes that helps. For anxiety, I always breathe in..breathe out… and try to meditate. Hope your day gets better! 😉

  5. Jennifer Louie

    I think i had one of those days.. After i got back here kn the US from my 5weeks vacation in my home country.(Philippines) the first night i was ok, but the week I experienced something like i just cried all of the sudden, and screaming, i couldnt stay in one room, im like walking screaming around the house. Hmm.. I should write about it. Lol it was because i was homesick and depressed that i live so far from my family..

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