1O Ultimate and Frightening Facts about the Devil You Should Know

Many tales have been told about the devil and these have left many men trembling in fear, unable to know what to do about him. Many stories we hear may be so confusing that it is hard to know the facts from untruth. Is all that is said about the devil true? Is there something about him that we do not know? Outlined here are 10 ultimate facts about the devil that we should know. ‘Should’ here implies that it is a must we know. There is no shortcut about it.


10. The Devil used to be the angel of God

This is a fact. He worked with God and happened to know all the ways of God. Like most of us, he wanted to share the glory of God. He wanted the power that God had too. He wanted to command just like God. He was not comfortable with being a mere choir master, he wanted to be God. There are also people who like to behave this way too. Give them a small favor and they want to go the whole way.

9. The devil knows the scriptures

The devil is versed in all scriptures. He is versed in the Bible, Quran and any other holy book you know. It is very hard to defeat the devil unless you are versed in the scriptures too. If the devil can quote then be able to quote a counteracting verse. It is only that way that you can defeat the devil.


8. The devil does not read the minds of people.

Many people do not know this third ultimate fact about the devil. He cannot ever read your mind. He waits till you utter words or write them down and then he rises up to the occasion. Otherwise, if you keep quiet then the devil will not know what you are thinking.


7. The devil is a liar and a creator of doubts in people

The fourth ultimate fact about the devil is that he enjoys lying to people. As you are convinced he continues to create doubt till you succumb to the temptation and fall prey to sin. You have to stick with what you know and never allow the devil to cheat you.


6. The devil came to destroy, lead many astray, and kill

Always be aware that the devil does not desire good for you. He is not there to make you a better person but to destroy you. Beware then of the devil with his machinations.


5. The devil has an army of demons who assist him in his work

The devil does not work alone but has a horde of demons who assist him in his work. So never think he is alone. Since he is not like God to be everywhere at the same time, he has helpers.


4. The devil works down here on earth.

When the devil failed and God rejected him, he was thrown down to earth to try to win those who will perish with him. He knows his fate but despite all these, he wants to fall with you.


3. His enmity with Jesus dates way back in the book of Genesis

In Genesis, God said that He shall put enmity between the offspring of the woman Eve and the devil. He said the offspring of the woman will hit the devil on the head. The offspring is Jesus Christ.


2. The devil knows that his end is near

Following what ensues in the world, it is clear that the devil knows that his time is near. He is hastening things up to deceive as many as possible. Will you fall prey? Will you escape?


1. The devil has no future

The devil is doomed and his final destination is in the lake of fire. As many follow him; it is clear they are destined to perish.


I have tried to outline here 10 ultimate facts about the devil that we should know.


Featured image: disniador/Pixabay Free Images/CC0, Public domain


    1. Sandy KS

      Mom has told me to yell out I rebuke you in the name Jesus Christ the Lord, my God. You are not welcome here, you need to leave now.

      Am I doing it right?

    2. Rex Trulove

      Jesus has defeated Satan twice already and invoking Jesus’ name brings the power of Jesus to bear. Against that power, neither Satan nor his demons can stand.

    3. Rex Trulove

      @rusty2rusty, if you ever have the chance, please watch the movie called War Room, directed by Alex Kendrick. I think you’ll love it. It has a great message about God and Jesus.

    4. Rex Trulove

      Yes, it is. @stbrians. It is a wonderful story that’s set in this day and age, showing the transition of a family who doesn’t put their faith in Jesus, into one that does.

  1. Jo Pin

    The Bible tells us many things about the devils and all the fallen angels. God will never allowed us to be tempted with anything beyond our power. We can resist the devil and he will flee from us. I believe that the One who is me is greater than the one who is in the world. ( 1 John 1-5 ).

  2. Olivia Morris

    Interesting list, it’s too bad that without knowing God, many people will fall to the devil. We don’t need to look too far to see his work in progress, just look at all the people who follow the current fads in search of something……anything, but not God. BTW God doesn’t want us to become good people…..he made us good, he wants us to come to Him, heart, mind and soul. Nothing more and nothing less. God wants us to revel in the beauty He created for us and to give thanks for all the gifts He has given. He wants us to share our knowledge of Him with those who are lost or still seeking. God is Truth, Beauty and Love, if these three things are in all we do, we cannot be far from Him who made us.

  3. Rex Trulove

    Here are a couple more facts to go with your list:

    1. Not only was Satan an angel, and arch angel, he can still appear as an angel of light. It is part of his mastery of deception and when he controls a person, he can cause that person to say things that sound like they make sense, but which are lies and deception.

    2. Satan is an expert musician, almost to the caliber of Gabriel.

    3. Satan has already been defeated by Jesus twice. Once was when Satan was cast out of heaven. The second time was when Jesus was in hell, after the crucifixion and before the resurrection. Satan tried to tempt Jesus and tried to get him to turn against God. He failed and was thus defeated by Jesus the second time. That defeat was amplified when Jesus was resurrected, because Jesus even conquered death itself. Because of all this, even Jesus’ name is capable of turning Satan away and his demons tremble at the mention of Jesus’ name.

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