Did I Kill My Father?

My father was bed-ridden for several months of the sickness which I didn’t know personally. My mother didn’t tell why my father was sick though we’re living roof. I was actually supporting my aged parents. They were in their senior citizen status.

Every day I worked in the Church as a custodian. I seldom went home. I stayed in the Church for I have also to watch it as a night guard. Our house wasn’t far from the Church meetinghouse. From time to time, I also went home, attended to the needs of my parents, of my kids, and of course, of my wife.

One day, I was able to talk to my father who on his bed in one of the rooms in the house. I could see from his eyes that nothing had really bothered him. He was still wearing a good smile. In our conversation, he asked me on how is our small city, the on-going government project of concreting the high road in San Enrique, one of the towns in Negros Occidental, Philippines. I sensed from him that he was too excited to know those progress in our city and in the other municipalities. That was the last conversation we had had.

A day or so had passed. I remember it was mid in the morning while I was polishing the floor of the hall in the meetinghouse when a Spirit has prompted me to pray. I gently knelt down and said a prayer that I really pitied my sick father for the pain he had borne. I requested to the Lord if it is His will why not let my father take his rest. As I prayed, several tears kept on falling on my cheeks.

The following day, I overheard somebody knocking at the meetinghouse door, calling my name. As I opened the door, I saw my second elder daughter with tears in her eyes, telling me that her grandfather was gone. I embraced her, then went inside the room for a moment, kneeling thanking the Lord for his mercy. And I went home with my daughter.

Am I responsible for the death of my father?


    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      That’ beyond my comprehension. I know it’s God’s will. What bothers me is my weakness as a human.

  1. Sandy KS

    Why would you think you be responsible for your father’s death? If you believe in God above, than you know he chooses when it is our time to go. Not us. You did the right thing by praying for your father.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      God knows and He has prepared for everyone us. As what the Bible says that God has so many mansions for His people.

  2. Gil Camporazo Post author

    Thank you for that assurance. Spiritually, yes, I did help my father to end his pain and I think it’s already his time to be with the Father in Heaven.

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