Did you ever want to do something good?

All my life, I wanted to do “great things.” Not great like most people think “great.” More like simple things that would make me and other people feel good, help them out a bit. Finally, I have the opportunity!

I started working from home about 18 months ago. What my husband and I are doing has changed our lives and is helping change the lives of others.

Unlike most businesses, we made money our first month. Shocked, we kept at it, hoping for the best. It kept getting better and better. Thrilled, we started looking for ways to help others with our new-found blessings.

It started off simple. We paid for the tank of gas of the people next to us at the pump in our hometown. Not a big deal, but it turned out those people, those strangers, really needed it.

We love to buy groceries for the person standing behind us at the grocery store. Sometimes, it is only $5 and other times it is much more. It depends on who is behind us.

I had the opportunity to really help a family in West Virginia. They were hit by the flood. I had a Facebook party for them. All the money made at the party went to the family. It wasn’t as much as I wanted to give, but I wanted to give them enough to build them a brand new house – not just help them repair their home damaged in the flood.

I am always looking for other ways to help. I went to set up a scholarship program at my daughter’s school. I want to start an animal shelter/rescue. I want to get a domestic violence/sexual assault safe house in our community. I want to stand, all day, at the front of the line at the grocery store and buy everyone’s groceries.

I know I will be able to do these things and lots of other things. I know this because I am working hard to make my dreams and the dreams of others come true.

Better yet, I can help other people do things like this too. I can’t wait until business becomes a “movement” and people all over the country are helping others! If you want to be part of the movement, holler at me. I can tell you all about it. Just think of all the wonderful things we can do when we work together!


  1. WrappingChick Post author

    Daisy, it certainly does. Just buying someone a soda can make their day. Then, after some time, you are donating your entire paycheck to a family hit by a flood. It is wonderful!

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