Die Trying To Survive In This Pathetic Life

Is It Worth Trying?

Many have tried and failed. Many have failed and they are keep on trying or doing it, but failure shouldn’t be in our minds, though, amidst the difficulties we are in, there’s always a preservation of life ahead to foresee no matter what circumstances we are all into. Is it worth trying to pursue our dreams, goals, etc.? I’ll leave that to you.

Life Must Go On

It may sound tiring, obviously trying on giving up, but there’s no harm to be on the go despite the hardship the failure after failure in life. Carrying on with so heavy baggage on your shoulder seems unbearable that even the slightest movement could hurt the entire part of our soul! We all hold the same problem with so many different variations, forms of manifestation, for that, we can’t get away with it. It seems too excruciating to see someone in pain, with insufferable sorrow, an agony with no one to turn too, hurting the central and deepest personal within our state, but life as we know must go on.

Brutal World

With the daily shelling of unaverted routinely lonely life among the people living under the bridge, a makeshift along the railways that could give them temporary shelters, individuals who, looking at them seems horrendous to feel their miseries, and it is so impossible that they too didn’t even tried their luck to the best of their knowledge or pray to God to put them out of depression, the wretchedness, the sadness they have been through has brought more injustice to their lives instead of uprooting them from the verge of desperation!

What IF

I know everything we did, we did it for a reason or for some humanitarian purpose or the like. Have we ever considered asking ourselves the simple question looking at the miserable life of these lost souls in our society: What IF they’re becoming have been our life do we even try to find a way to get out of it or we stay the same with no hope and future or even think to eat, drink for today?

Looking For A Way

It is noteworthy to try different faucets or avenues to survive in this life rather no matter what condition you are into than not to try at all the possibilities that we, in our limited mind and physique can bare.

Keep On Trying

We can’t control our future, nobody does. Not even when we walked away from our home, we really don’t know for sure what it may hold on for us after 15 minutes of walk, but certainly we always try to be safe, we try everything we could to stay away from the misfortune or whatever you may call it. We are trying our best to keep on living regardless of our standing, position or suchlike in the society and that alone is worth trying!


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  1. Donna Thacker

    I agree. We must keep putting one foot in front of the other. We may try and not succeed, but there will certainly be no success if we don’t even bother to try. Just when you think your life is to rough to keep trying…imagine a story you read about someone who is much worse off. If one quits trying to go on, they may as well give up. Water that does not move or run gets stagnant!

    1. John Post author

      Water will definitely get stuck or trapped and in time it will dry up…. Nothing follows…

    2. Donna Thacker

      Yes and we are like water. If we just sit still and do not move ever forward we too will just stagnate or dry up. Moving forward may be hard at times, but it is what we have to do.

    1. John Post author

      Yes, taking single a step at a time and in no time will it reach its destination, I hope.

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