Do Not Make Me Mad!

I have told the wasps and bees around here many many times not to make me mad. Well, what happened today? One of them stung me and made me mad. I had been looking inside and outside of my shed all summer, trying to figure out where the wasps had built their nest. We often see them flying in and out of the shed. But for the last three months, I had had no luck finding the nest. Well, this morning I found it. I started moving things out of the shed.

At first, everything was going great. I piled small things in some little buckets and got them out. Then I wanted my bigger buckets. That is when it happened. Those goofy bugs had made a nest in the top bucket! As soon as I moved the buckets off the shelf, one of them landed on my hand and stung me. I smashed that one and stomped off to the house. I got my thumb area wet where he stung me and dumped baking soda on it. As it dries it will draw out the poison and I will have very little swelling. The only thing is I know my thumb will itch bad for the next few days. But I am feeling better than what the wasps are now. As much as I hate doing it, I got the spray and sprayed the nest down. Now I am giving it time for the ones that were still flying around to land there also, before I move it again. Here are the bucket and nest.


I don’t know why the wasps thought that would be a good safe place for a nest. But they did. After I visit Mom and Dad, I should be able to go back to work in my shed. Normally, I don’t have too much trouble with wasps. It is bumble bees that I don’t get along with. But these were not happy when I moved them. I hate killing any of them, as we need them to help many plants grow. Thankfully, this does not seem to be a big nest of them. I know there are still some other items in there that could be hiding more nests. I will be more careful moving stuff now. One big white spot on my body is enough for today.

I am hoping that is the only bunch in my shed. I will find out in an hour or so. Wish me luck that I don’t have any others!



Photo is mine



    1. Eva James Post author

      Baking soda work great for drawing the poison. The faster you get it on the better. Hope you never need to remember it.

  1. Andria Perry

    I thank God I have not been stung any this summer. I leave the nests too, I have a huge one about the back door but its really up high under the eave . I used wasp as a burglar alarm at one house, there was a nest in each window just under the screens 🙂

    I did not know that about baking soda, learned something new!

    I tweeted this article

    1. Eva James Post author

      The faster you get it on the better and it really helps. Glad I taught a couple of people something today. They do make great alarms as long as they are in safe areas.

  2. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I used to have paper wasps in our old wood-frame house. They were everywhere in the old garage, but they would also make nests under the eaves and around the handle of our big recycling trolley. They also got into the house.

    Like you, I hated to destroy the nests or to kill them. But when they get too close to where we live and work, it’s got to be done. Safety first!

  3. Eva James Post author

    Yep, if I had been able to get the bucket outside I would not have sprayed them. Once it was outside they would have left. But that was not going to happen.

  4. Sandy KS

    Since I live in the city. I remove all nests that are found. A few years back a wasp nest was made right beside my back door. The wasp burrowed under the wood and dirt to make a nest. I could not rid them. Over the winter I made sure to treat the area and fill in any holes. It worked. As they did not return teh following year.

  5. Eva James Post author

    Glad you were able to get them out of the house. But they are needed everywhere. If you like growing flowers even they help pollinate them. I ust knock nests down when I am able to. After a couple of times they usually go somewhere else to build that is away from my areas. But once in a while I have to kill them

    1. Eva James Post author

      I had never heard that one. Will have to try it if they try to move back in.

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