Do the hoarding shows make you want to clean up?


Am I the only one who watches “Hoarders” and gets inspired to go clean up my place? I am by no means as messy as the people profiled on all of the hoarding shows. In fact, “messy” is an understatement when describing them. These poor souls suffer from very deep-seated psychological problems. Often they have undergone such trauma in their lives, that the “gathering of stuff” is the only thing that can comfort them – the only thing they can count on to be “real” in a world of great turmoil inside their heads.

When I watch the shows, I immediately look around and start cleaning off surfaces. That in itself makes a big difference. Then I pick up stuff off the floors. After the dishes are done and the bathroom is cleaned I look around and am quite pleased that my little house looks great. This would take an hour if I worked straight through and didn’t get distracted by things like Facebook, Words With Friends, or writing on my blog, or going out to look at my plants. I do have a lot of lovely distractions.

I have deep compassion for the “Hoarders” participants and can only hope that they continue to get the help they need to feel relief in their lives.


Do the hoarding shows inspire you to clean your place?


  1. Marie Edgerly

    I hate clutter ☺ my house always stays clean because of it. It would irritate me when my kids would leave there rooms messy lol. When i go to my daughter home, I want to always pick it up because its so messy and cluttered.

  2. Pat Z Anthony

    We do not watch these shows on a regular basis but saw a few when the show was new. Having had neighbors who were hoarders some years back-this is a horrible situation.

    1. Ann Bailey Post author

      Yes, it is horrible. Not to mention the neighborhood – the hoarders don’t keep up their outside, so the value of everyone’s home goes down – not to sound cold, but it’s true.

  3. Coral Levang

    Watching these shows remind me that but by the grace of a higher power, there goes any of us. I know that I and others have been so judgmental of people who have this problem in the past. These are people who are called names that no one should be called. No I am not of the show’s level, some might think I was were they to see my place. Sometimes, it is a way of avoiding contact with people for many reasons. There is a deep psychological thread that goes through Hoarders that is very interesting. Thank you for writing about this, because too many people think that it is something that is just able to be changed by simply picking up. So much deeper phenomenon than that.

  4. Ann Bailey Post author

    Yes, hoarders are afflicted with multiple issues that feed off each other and are compounded by guilt and shame. I hate seeing how the relatives treat them on the shows – but then there wouldn’t be enough drama, right?

    1. Coral Levang

      And it is why most hoarders don’t have people come near their home, because they are embarrassed that their family will treat them and say the things that they do just like that happens on the TV show.

    1. Ann Bailey Post author

      I would agree, but remember, they give their permission for the company to film them and get paid very high sums of money, so we can’t really say they’re being exploited.

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