Do We Have Defilement Among Animals?


I am wondering aloud if there is child defilement among animals! Animals are known to have different behavioral patterns when it comes to mating. They are known to be more intelligent than people in this area, though people belong to the most advanced class of the animal kingdom.

I have been keenly observing domestic animals when it comes to mating. Cocks will try their antics on only matured hens. It is only when mature hens are lacking that they may attempt to seduce young birds. Bulls were also known to never to mount cows that are not on heat. It is the female that shows heat signs and signals males into action. Dogs have a similar behavior. The bitch will secrete some odors that will summon all males in the neighborhood to come for the kill. All and sundry will hearken to the call and it is rare to have defilement among these animals. A bull will only smell a pregnant cow and leave it alone. It will never inseminate it.

Recently, a spectacular event happened in my herd that left many baffled. A bull mounted a very young calf of about four months. It badly injured its birth canal that it I had to summon a veterinary doctor to save the calf. This was defilement of the highest order. The case now left us with many unanswered questions. Have bulls also started the bad habit of defiling calves? Are they imitating the habit of some men who defile minors? What remedy can be done to rectify the behavior of the bull? Should it be castrated or slaughtered for meat? These and so many other questions have been haunting our village since then.

Defilement of minors happens to be a very bad ordeal to the young one. Despite leaving a psychological and physical wound in the minor, it can also make the minor incapable of delivering. The same also applies to animals. The defiled calf might not be able to give birth. Its future is damaged forever. It needs medical care. Does it also need to be treated psychologically? What is the take of most people on this?

Do we have defilement among animals? The question remains in my mind up to now. I would like to receive answers from my readers. Maybe, they will help me to understand how animals should behave. This may also give me the solution for the bull which almost killed the innocent calf.


Featured image: coleur/Pixabay Free images/CCO


  1. Gil Camporazo

    Inducing something out of its natural function would be detrimental. That is how I perceive. This is also true to humans and animals. We shouldn’t defy nature for we only suffer the consequences.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      Isn’t you talking about defilement? Or do you have other meaning of defilement? My point is like the human child is not yet ready for mating, but lustful people rape her. Does it sound confusing?

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