Do you Agree that Bloggers Never Learn?

We are here. We are here on this new site. We are trying the site if it could bring us future with earnings. We are here for a better review, not to judge a site by its first week of existence. We could criticize it by its flaws but later on we will get used to it, accept it and still wants to learn more about the site. Personally, I am staying on a specific site because I find it very comfortable working on it. If I don’t understand how the site goes, it will not healthy for me to stay. I asked a lot of question if I want to learn about the site and it depends on the person who invited me if they can answer my question or if they will lead me to links on FAQs or Terms. I do browse the site and study it with myself. If I asked the person who invited me a lot of questions, it means I already studied the site, but unfortunately my brain is rusty of understanding. 

What will be your answer to the question, Bloggers never learn?

I said the word “Bloggers never learn” because we, us, Bloggers, still try other blogging site when one site started. Just recent is LiteracyBase and some of us flocked on the site. After the experienced, there goes that the members will get lessen and lessen everyday. From experience, flocking and people getting out of the site is just normal. Everyone is just trying out the site. Bloggers/members/users/lurkers have each needs. If they are not satisfied, even without starting to work on the site, you cannot ask them to stay. Some users even did not believe about a payment proof showing in front of them, but still there are people, without any payment proof to show, is having their faith that the site will turn out to be a good one. If I haven’t tried Blogjob, I wouldn’t know that the site could give me a lots of earnings.

In other words, yes, bloggers/members/users, might never learn from the mistakes of some blogging site from the past but some of them will never stop trying the site, taking a risk, because without them, who are the people that will able to share you some experience. Without them, there is no experience with blogging site at all. You are there to experience it and not to lurk on it and judge it in a snap. In the first place, member/users now a days are depending on a detailed review of the site before joining, so we really need people who experience working on a site. 

I learned from blogging itself, but not only the bloggers, but also the blog owners. The blog owners and the bloggers are tying up themselves to try it and if it does not went out successful, then that is the experience we are talking about. It is always the decision of the blog owners to put up a revenue sharing site like this and it is the decision of the users to try the site. Decision, trying out, learning and experience, these are the way to life of blogging. Bloggers always learn from experience and surely they apply it. It is their guide to other blogging sites. 

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  1. Jennifer Louie

    I actually just miss writing again, not just for the possible income, but also to write again and having some people to read my thoughts. I tried writing without pay before, not one bothered to view my entry 🙁

  2. Grecy Garcia Post author

    In here sis, they will surely read your entry. I miss your writing because you are telling the whole story and I love to read one today!!

  3. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

    You bring up some good points. But, I know, that I love to write, that is why I am here. I am surprised, that once again I joined a writing site, after seeing so many go down. I am here because it’s easy to get around and I have high hopes for this site.

  4. JoDee Stout

    Yes, I think as writers/bloggers we always “hope” hat this site will make us money. I know I started out on myLot. That was the first writing site that I was ever on. Through that site I found Bubblews. I was with Bubblews for 3 years and they always paid me. But we know what happened to that site and during that time I found other sites to write on and none of them ever seem to pay like Bubblews did, but I was there for 3 years!!

    I also think with anything, it’s always good to have a back up plan. I’m back to writing on myLot as they are paying again. So, I’m dabbling in this site as well. I’ll stay with a site as long as they pay me, but if they don’t pay me or “lose” a post I’m not going to be that active. I have other sites that I don’t write on that I’m having success with as well, because there for a while I was getting burnt out from writing on so many different sites..not to get paid!!

  5. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I think it’s good that many of us were willing to hope again. And I think we may be pleasantly surprised by the results here on BlogBourne. Already, there are lots of exciting things happening. Mike is very concerned with the quality of content and with everyone having a chance to earn according to their ability.

    It’s a big risk to trust yet again. But for me, it’s a calculated risk. I know the success of the site depends on us as writers. And I believe that with the right guidance, the writers can perform well enough fo us all to benefit.

  6. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @ruby3881 that would be my downfall, the writing quality content. I think I will not go far and one by one my writing will be the reason of low views, lols. I just feel I am not confident with my writing anymore.

    1. Kyla Matton Osborne

      I think we all doubt the quality of our writing at one time or another, Grecy. They key is to read good writing and try to follow its example, and then just to practise hard until we improve our skills. If you are putting the effort into your writing, you have something to be proud of even if it still needs work. It’s those who are complacent and refuse to work at upgrading their skill, who need to be thinking of their own downfall.

  7. JoDee Stout

    @ruby3881, I’ve tried to change and improve my writing on this site, as I believe that this would be a new beginning for me in writing. I’m not confident maybe enough in my experiences in life or knowledge in different things to feel comfortable writing as informative and SEO type, because I write from my personal experience as how I know things work. One can llok at all the sites that I wrote at, that I write personal or opinion things that mean/matter to me.

    1. Kyla Matton Osborne

      I think you have a lot to say, JoDee. And although it takes a bit of work to put personal experiences into the right context so they’ll be found and read online, I do believe you can learn to do it. I’m glad that you’re open to learning and improving your writing. It will make a big difference for your earnings on BlogBourne!

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