Do You Believe In Angels??

 I remember when my son was struggling with behavioral problems.  I remember the very first episode where I was fearing for my other children’s safety.  My oldest son and the next oldest were “suppose to be” taking turns playing a video game.  The middle son, said it was his time to play!!  That was what set it off for the oldest!!  They were arguing about whose turn it was before it went bad.  My middle son went to the bathroom and had the controller (to the game with him, as it was his turn) when my oldest son got a knife out of the kitchen and was trying to get in the bathroom to harm his brother.  Of course I tried to intervene, but he pushed me!!  That was the start of the trouble to come ahead.  Of course , I called the police and from there it went to the State agency.


There was another incident that made me believe in angels.  I received a call from the police/authorities saying that my son had been involved in a robbery of a convenience store!!  Apparently he was the driver of the getaway car.  They found the car, but no sight of my son!!  Of course it was night time!!  Of course my anxiety was on high drive!! lol It was in the wee hours of the morning and I had to go to work that day, so after I said my night time prayers and was dozing off.  I felt a cool breeze (it was a hot summer night) and a soft touch on my cheek and I heard this voice say “Jo Dee, we’ll take care of it.”  As I’m still drifting off there was a cool feeling down my back as I saw this woman in a white long gown floating away.  That night I had the best sleep.  To this day, I believe it was a guardian angel.


It turned out that my son was driving the get away car, but when he heard the cops coming to the store, he took off in the vehicle.  He then ditched the vehicle and he hid out at another friend’s house!  But he was involved in the robbery, so again he went to a juvenile detention facility as where he spend most of his teen years in and out.


I don’t know about you, but I believe in angels and I know that even though that was the only experience of “seeing” one, I believe that an angel is still following me. 🙂  Do you believe in angels?




photo courtesy of pixabay


  1. Shavkat

    I believe in angels. Why? I have my own angel who always there to protect me from harm. There are so many situations that my personal angel helped me pass through it.

  2. Vinaya

    I believe in miracles however, U have left the age when I believed Angels will come to hlpe me.

  3. Jennifer Louie

    I do believe in Angels and the God Father looking out for us always.. I admire you being such a strong mother to you son. He lost his way, and one day he will find the right path…

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