Do You Believe In Fortune Teller ?

Good morning all members,

Today I just get up and soaking up the fresh air in front of my yard and walk around then, I thought about the fortune teller yesterday I met and asked about my life destination.

He seems very clear about this and he said I should make to something protect myself as well in my house somewhere. He said in this august, I have to be careful and don’t make more friends until the end of August to reduce this bad luck.

I doubt whether that why all people believe on this and why some not believe? I think that is a very good way of protection as he said to my destination as well.  Is it a formula or just noticed that ancestor given thoughts ? How do you think about this issue and matter ?

For me, I think this is just noticed, I believe 60 % and I have to be careful by what he said as well. We can’t say this is fake but we must be learning more why there are lots of fortune tellers in the world and people still go through.

Thanks for reading and I would like to say thank you so much for your time being on reading this articles.


Please have a nice day.

Vattana Kheav


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