Do You Have a Writing Plan?

Do You Have a Writing Plan?

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Do you have a writing plan set up for your blogging? Having a plan set up for your blogging is a superb idea. We all know there is a lot more to blogging than just writing the blog posts. You can set up a simple plan for your blogging.

Simple Writing Plan

1. writing articles
2. check past articles for comments and comment on other’s articles
4. post new articles
5. check social media sites

Simple Writing Plan is Time-Consuming

Writing Articles
My writing plan may be simple, but it is time-consuming. First thing when I get started for the day is I write all my articles. I like to get this out of the way first. I seem to be more creative that way. I read and edit my articles.

Check Past Articles for Comments
Once my articles are written, I check old articles for new comments. I reply to any new comment. Then I visited blogs of the people who were kind enough to post comments on my blogs. I will their articles and post comments and share their blogs. If there is time remaining, I will visit other blogs. I give myself about two hours to reading and post comments on other’s blogs.


Check Social Media Sites
After reading other writer’s blogs, I will do a second edit of my articles. I post the articles I have written. I share my articles on a few social media sites. I came back later in the day and shared my articles on other sites, as well. Once, I am done with all of this; I check the social media sites. I belong to different social media sites and try to visit all of them, at least once a week.

I belong to many blogging groups. I highly recommend joining blogging groups; they are a great way of promoting your articles. I go through the group’s post first. If there is something that I can add, I will. I read blogs post from other writers. I will comment and share their articles on some other social media sites.

This is my writing plan. My writing plan is simple, but it takes all day to accomplish. There are some days when I don’t have time to do all of this. Do you have a plan for your writing? What do you do to share your articles with other?

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  1. Sandy KS

    I don’t have a writing plan. However, I need one. Summer is hard for me to stick to any plan. With my boyfriend on call as a a tow truck driver, it is hard to be on a schedule too.

    1. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp Post author

      There are times when it’s hard for me to stick to it but I try to whenever possible. Life sometimes gets in the way. This past week I really haven’t been able to write anything.

    2. Sandy KS

      I have been able to write on my personal blog. Not on here, unless it is to leave a comment. As I do not like writing when people are around. My train of thought gets broke and peopel get mad thinking I am ignoring them when I am not. I write better when I am alone. That should happen more when school gets back in session. I have always struggled over the summer to write.

  2. peachy

    great tips.
    I usually write out drafts and titles but no contents
    Then I need at least 24 hours to write a post.
    Takes almost a day to write 2 posts

  3. Marie Edgerly

    I don’t have a writing plan and I need to have one 😉 I try to stay on track, but seems some days I just can’t get it going. But, I will look into joining some blogging groups. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Coral Levang

    I know that social networking sites RT 2 promotion, but I really have a hard time with Facebook. I’m trying to figure out a way that I can start a new Facebook page that is only for writing promotion amongst other writers.

  5. Gil Camporazo

    It’s good that you’re organized. In case, I don’t have a writing plan. I just write as my thoughts keep on working. I could organize them on the simplest way so that it would be easy for my readers to get the idea and it would also easy for them to react effectively.

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