Do You Know Your Brain’s Dominant Side?


I believe it’s true that certain parts of the brain perform certain tasks (for example, rotating images mentally takes place mostly in the right hemisphere); while complicated behaviors utilize both hemispheres of the brain, and the concept of the left and right brain dominance only popped up in the late 1960’s and has since become a well-known part of human psychology.

While conclusive evidence shows that we all use both sides of the brain, each of us has a dominant side, and it’s this dominant side which makes up for a huge part of our personalities.

Most of us agree, that certain individuals who think a certain way, also tend to show more interest in certain areas and are clearly more effective in certain ways. I believe that an accurate understanding of the left and right brain concept can help one to become more productive, creative and efficient.


In college we were taught how to discover this in live drawing classes; with the pencils, chalk, or charcoal. Many of us didn’t have a clue but I found it really worked for me.


In my graphic design class there were about 20 of us – 5 of which were left-handed, the rest right handed. I’m right handed but found that whenever I used my left hand “my  marks were strangely higher” this stuck with me and I tended to do my creative work using my left hand and I did so quite sub – consciously, apparently, most people always go back to their dominant hand.


This all kinda makes sense to me, because if I remember correctly, the left hand is controlled by the right side of the brain, which is why many artists and creative people are left handed.

When we are taught how to write, we have a tendency to imitate the person who is teaching, perhaps we do this, because it’s easier to do an exact copy than try figuring out how to do it left-handed. I’m right brained and right handed but my handwriting was never attractive.

The letters didn’t have a consistent slant and the lines would slope, I never felt good about the final product. Are you right or left handed when doing simpler or automatic tasks? Which hand grabs the objects, throws the ball, and opens the lid on a jar? While I sit and think, I always rub my leg, often wearing out the left leg of my jeans. Have you checked, when wearing gloves while working, which glove wears out first?


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  1. Andria Perry

    I took that quiz and I got Protagonist (ENFJ-A) .

    I use both hands, sometimes I am stirring two pots of food at the same time but for the most part I am right handed and right footed. So I reckon that means I am left brain.

    I am stumbling this article 🙂

    1. Fifi Leigh

      i think i am more left-footed. when i used to skateboard, i tended to skateboard left-handed way because was easier for me. and, sometimes, i used to kick a soccer ball with my left foot, in which my father used to notice and thought it was cool

    1. Andria Perry

      I try to stumble, tweet or share as many articles as I can here 🙂

      I can paint the trim with my left hand but I learned to do that so I would not have to go up and down the ladder as much 😀

  2. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I have a slight hemiplegia and damage in two distinct areas of my brain, so I’m never quite sure whether any of the right brain-left brain stuff works for me. But I do have an ambidextrous husband and a son who shows mixed dominance.

  3. Francine Labelle

    Well, contrary to all the other replies, I am just plain right handed. I write, grab, stir and will jab or punch with my right hand only. Right now I am writing my reply using my right index finger I will try the quiz later. I cannot wait what it will tell me… Very good and interesting article.

  4. Gil Camporazo

    I remember one moving image uploaded on the Facebook. It turns either right or left, depending on the nature of the brain that is working. The more you look at it intensely, you may be surprised that it reverses its turn, depending on the dominant part of the brain you are using. I have tried it and it tells that I am a right-handed person.

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