Do You Push Yourself Too Hard?


Do You Push Yourself Too Hard?

Do you push yourself too hard? In this fast past world, many people push themselves way too hard. For some families, it takes two or three jobs just to make ends met. Many people I know, have two or three jobs. Or, people try doing things that they love to make a little extra money to make ends met. But this makes for people working sixteen hours day or more.

Pushing yourself too hard is not good for you. If you are working sixteen to eighteen hours a day, it is highly likely that you are not taking care of yourself. People need to relax. Sleeping isn’t relaxing.

My Close Friend Pushes Himself Too hard!

If you are overworked, at some point, you are going to have what is called burnout. Your body will make you rest. Burnout happens to a friend of mine all the time. My friend works sixteen-hour days, six days a week. On his one day off all he does is sleep. He has no other chose, his family needs the money, and he is a single dad of three teenagers.

All of his work has caught up with him a few times in the last year. He was in the hospitals four times. Even though he has been told to slow down, he will not. His children do help out, but only one of them can get a part time job, the other two are still too young to work.

People are working themselves to death just to live, and it just isn’t right. Do you push yourself too hard? Do you know someone who pushes themselves too hard?

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  1. ANDRE' G

    If you are going to work hard, try and do so, working at something you like, regardless of what it is. You only have one life, then you die.

  2. Cris Bernal

    I want to push hard on my business so I can earn fast. If it happens for three years then after that, I will just sit and wait for the money to come. No pushing but enjoying. That’s how network marketing is.

  3. Gil Camporazo

    Most people I know are working too hard, They go home too exhausted. I am thinking that they are abusing their body to work beyond its capacity to bear. Why work hard if they can work smart?

  4. Andria Perry

    Yes I push myself to hard and I gave crashed many times. Fir that reason I am looking for the new job and getting off the grid so I won`t have to work so much to pay all these bills, if I could get solar power and well water it would cut my monthly bills in half.

    I tweeted this one 🙂

  5. Cris Bernal

    Hey guys, if you want to know my business.. I will explain to you. Here, you push hard maybe for three years to 5 years but after that, you can be easy go lucky while waiting for your money. Multi-level marketing is a good business and it is flourishing nowadays especially if you belong to Alliance in Motion Global and

  6. Vinaya

    I think I push myself too hard. In the last couple of days I have slept only 4 hours in order to work more and make more money.

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