Do YOU Remember The Books That You Enjoyed Reading As An Adult


We love books. There are many books which as adults we enjoy or enjoyed reading. I am talking about fiction books. Did you know about Mills and Boon? These books must still be in our libraries. They were romance books. As a teenager, I did enjoy reading them. There were good titles to these books.

James Hadley Chase was the other good books. They prided in crime and violence. They could hold a reader glued in these paperbacks till you arrived at the end of the book.

reading by janeb13 pixabay

reading by janeb13 pixabay

The Chase books were very interesting. They had wonderful phrases too. I enjoyed one phrase which said ‘fear opens the wallets of rich men’. This was weird. A person had to create fear in rich people to get them pay him big money. Alistair McLean was yet another good series. Most of you must have come across them. They were very enjoyable and interesting to read.

The African writers also had their series of books. Pasetters was one of them. In these books, there were interesting episodes to read. The writing was very good and the language used was also interesting. We enjoyed reading books like ‘On the road by Kalu Okpi’ and many others.

Writing often never dies. Writing never ages. There are books which were written in the 18th century that are still good reads. William Shakespeare is another good writer. His books like The Merchant of Venice are good sellers. His plays have been acted all over the world. He also had very nice phrases, idiomatic expressions and others. These writers really made our day and left a very big legacy.

What of writers of today? Are we going to leave a legacy or we shall be forgotten as soon as we are dead? These writers made you and me what we are. Are we going to make others with our writings? Never ever stop your reading. Keep on reading. Look for those old books and read on.

There are some which have been put on the internet and we can read them there. There are some sold on Ebay and Amazon. I would suggest that you buy them. Yet there are some which are just in print and hidden in old buildings. Look for them and read them. We need them.



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  1. Pat Z Anthony

    Many we know enjoy reading more than most other things they could do. We have old books that were passed down from our grandparents. Hopefully, the next generation here will enjoy these as much as we have. The phrase you point out about fear and the wallets of rich men gives us something to think about, doesn’t it?

  2. Tania K Cowling

    I need to get back into novel reading for my pleasure, but at the moment I’m enjoying many children’s books as I read them to my grandkids. So many from the past and new ones the kids love.

  3. Gina M. Menorca

    I can still remember the books that I have read once I saw it. I have read some of mills and boons too. But, when I was younger I love Sweet dreams and sweet valley high. I love reading folklore of different races, Stories on God and Goddesses. But, there is one book that Until now I can’t really understand the content and still thinking about it.. weird really The book is one hundred years of solitude by Gabriel Marquez. too bad I have lost that book my brother borrow and lost it.

  4. Jacky Hughes

    I am not a fan of Mills and Boone, but I have many books on my bookcase, including African writers and children’s stories. I will read and then reread anything, but the classics and C.S Lewis Narnia stories are the best.

  5. Gil Camporazo

    The book that I read which is very informative and tells how a statesman should be. It the book entitled “Long Walk to Freedom” by Nelson Madela.

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