Do You Respect People When You Write?



Do You Respect People When You Write?

Do you respect people when you write? Many online writers have been writing online for a long time. Over time, we tend to post things about people that we know and ourselves. Do you respect the feelings of the people you are writing about? Do you ask if it is all right for you to post something online about them?

Respect for Family Member

I post a lot of personal articles online but not too personal. There are things that I feel should not be public. I have posted articles about my son’s artwork in the past. I have never put anything online without asking my son if it was all right with him if I posted it.

I have also written articles about my relationship with my husband. I ask my husband first before I post any articles about us online. Asking if it is all right to post something also goes for pictures. I would never post a photo that my family did not want me to post. I feel that it is only right to ask first.

For me, getting permission from the person to post something is only right. I respect everyone’s feelings and would never want to post anything that would make someone feels uncomfortable.

Respect for Clients

I am a Reiki Master, and I have worked with people in many spiritual aspects. I have learned over the years that people are interested in what goes on during spiritual practices. Especially, during card reading and spiritual cleansings. Over the years, I have written articles about dream interpretation, Reiki, and other spiritual work. I have never posted any articles about what had happened during one of my sessions without the permission of the people involved. In some cases, I have changed the names because the people have asked me. I always ask before I post anything. I do this out of respect, and I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Many of the things I write about can be very touchy for some people and they done want others to know, they have gone to a spiritual specialist.

I know, most of you do not have clients, like I do. However, I would love to know, if when you are writing articles about other people, do you ask, them if it is all right to post articles about them?

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  1. Rex Trulove

    I try not to post anything personal about anyone and if I do, I try to be loving and understanding. Sometimes I do say something in passing, but normally it isn’t disparaging at all. For instance, I might say that my wife and daughter love a particular dish that I prepare, but that is where the mention ends. Still, the article I wrote about thinking before speaking shows how I feel about saying things that could hurt or bother friends, loved ones and acquaintances. Do I ever make the mistake of doing it? Sure, but I try not to.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    Yes, I do for I want to be respected too. I have never attempted writing for the degradation or downfall of my fellow. I would rather love to write the best practices and achievements worth for emulation.

  3. Kyla Matton Osborne

    It’s important that we always think about who we are writing about, whether it’s family & friends or students at a school or clients. I’ve seen posts where a father showed photos of his little boy’s genital area after circumcision and photos of minors posted by someone who never bothered to ask permission. Some of these things are not just insensitive, but dangerous. We should always think of safety first, and always ask permission if our post might in some way identify another person or disclose an intimate detail.

  4. Sandy KS

    My family knows I blog and write about them. They tell me to take their picture to post on my blog. I tell my boyfriend all the time i am going to post his picture. He goes out of his way to make funny faces when I take his picture. I have enough I could probably make a post out of funny faces he does.

  5. Andria Perry

    You maybe talking about me and my business. Yes I do talk about the people I do business with and I have a reason why.

    I want to establish, if I chose to be a landlady till I die, a site to report all the dead beat, filthy, non paying tenants so that the next house they rent they do not destroy it.

    I never use any names and most of my tenants will never read my writing because one out of all of them actually have a computer and or are online.

    I do not find it disrespectful. If it was not for a cousin telling me about this one couple I would have rented a house to someone who would not even pick up dog feces and would just walk it into the carpets.

    I know most people think ” poor big shot landlady crying about a mess” and I would like to say I did without to make this business for my old age and I am now poorer than I was before.

    I will not put up pictures of anyone. I will put up pictures of my belongings. And as far as names goes, Tony is not really Tony 🙂 that`s the name I use for that pain in my buttocks.

    I am far from perfect but I do try my best to show respect even to those who do not show me any.

    Now I used yo have my cards read ( a regular deck of new playing cards), once by the old black man that my mom used and ALL of what he said happened even though I was in doubt. And then another time by my friends mother in law, everything came true that time also. I would love to have them read now, but I am afraid both of those people have passed by now.

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    1. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp Post author

      No, I was not talking about you. The idea for this came from my son. He is Autistic and asked me not to write about his disorder or the things he has gone through. He told me it was alright to post his artwork but he doesn’t want the world to know what he is going through dealing with Autism. He is very high functioning. What I didn’t know was that he reads everything I write.

  6. Pat Z Anthony

    No one should mention names unless it is with permission and then-only if it is really needed. It is much easier to change a name or situation while sharing a story then ‘outing’ someone for their behavior.

  7. Jo Pin

    If we want respect for ourselves, we need to respect others as well. If I will talk about a person on my future post I’d rather not use them for personal gain but as an example. I think that’s the safest way without mentioning names.

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