Does Working Abroad Make Life Better?

Filipino is a hard worker. He works for his family. He goes abroad to alleviate their poor status of his family.

As a Filipino, it is his culture and the attitude to work hard just like his country’s national animal, carabao, the burden of a beast. Carabao works for its master to till the land. Carabao works to carry the produce of its master to the town.

In like manner, he works for his family, for his country abroad for there is no enough work at home. So he has to look for the greener pasture in other countries.

Going out the country is more than a burden, you know. he leaves his loved ones with the intention of making their poor lives ameliorated. But in so doing, he has to borrow money in processing his documents, training, and everything.

In short, he hasn’t started working yet, he has already a financial obligation to pay. That is how he prepares for working abroad.

That is the sad plight the Filipino face before working abroad. We couldn’t blame them for that. It is their obligation to raise their family, to provide them what they need from food, shelter, clothing, education and everything.

Now, this is a reality. With a simple arithmetic, you will know how much is left with them when they receive their wage. They have to save it for it is not enough for them to stay financially stable.

Anyway, that is their personal concern, personal problem. No one could change that kind of attitude except themselves. Another attitude which couldn’t be taken from a Filipino is “bahala na” (Let it be) tendency.


  1. Kyuminette

    I was planning to work abroad but I am thinking very wisely I cannot take the risk to leave my kids even to my parents when I know my personal care to my children cannot be pay with money .

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      I admire you for that decision. Leaving your own family especially your kids is very hurting. Kids will develop the sense of unwantedness if they’re left behind on their own.

  2. Pat Z Anthony

    Any time we can spend learning or working in another country will benefit us in some way. The experience alone is worth the effort of going to another country.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      What about the feeling of belongingness among the kids, the family? There is a great difference than to be with them always, anytime, any day.

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