Dog Tumor Treatment As Requested

I found this treatment online after finding a tumor on my very loved Bambi last summer. It is helping her as her tumors have shrank to almost nothing. BUT I can not guarantee that it is safe for all dogs or will help them as I am in no way a veterinarian or scientist.   I can only speak of my experience with using this treatment.

I found this site online  and adjusted his recipe according to what I was seeing with my dog.I want to thank Jeff Gold for writing this article as it has helped my dog immensely.  A couple of the pills were to help with bleeding which Bambi does not have so I have never used them on her. Also one of those is very expensive at least through Amazon and I just could not see getting it if I did not need too. I gave my selected method a month and the tumors were shrinking. If they had not I would have added more of the pills to her diet,

I adjusted everything that he gave as he has it based on a 60 pound dog. At the time Bambi weighed 45 pounds. So I needed three fourths of the recipe. The only things I bought are the ground turkey, plain yogurt, cod liver oil pills, milk thistle pills and the xiao chai hu wan pills. I mixed the yogurt and turkey in bags and keep them frozen only pulling out the day before to the refrigerator to thaw as I go. I open the capsule of milk thistle in the mornings and mixed it into the turkey mixture. I then pull out half and put the other pills in it to feed to Bambi. Then in the afternoons she got another 3 pills of the xiao chai hu wan pills. These I just put in the back of her mouth and held her nose until she swallowed them. Then in the evenings everything went into the saved half of turkey mixture again.

As the tumors shrank I cut out the afternoon pills as keeping them in stock was hard to do as the only place I have found them is on Amazon. It has not seemed to make a difference with Bambi but your experience might be different.You would just have to watch your dog and judge for yourself. Over the next few months I have cut back on her turkey amount also making it last more days. I also did not buy the dog food he recommended. But I was already feeding a meat based dog food with the first ingredient being beef or lamb. That is the main thing, dogs are not vegetarians and even tho they can live on the grain based dog foods they are healthier and have less allergy problems on a proper meat based diet.

Another note to help save you money if you do try this. Do not buy the ground turkey from a pet supply area. They have it marked up compared to what you can find in the grocery section of your store. Just take the time to read what has been added to it as you want it to be as pure as possible with no additives of any kind. The healthiest way would be to raise your own and butcher them but many people are unable to do that. If turkeys get marked down enough after Thanksgiving I plan on buying some and grinding them up myself to save money in the long run for her.

Heres a picture of Bambi taken just a coupe of months ago. As you can see she is happy.




    1. Eva James Post author

      Thanks for sharing. Bambi is still very healthy at this time but it was a scare when I felt the first lump

    2. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

      I bet it was scary. I have a 15-year-old dachshund. They often suffer from cysts. I got very scared the first time I found one on my dog.

    3. Eva James Post author

      Glad he is still going at 15 Not knowing her full breeding I dont know if she was predisposed to them or not.

    1. Eva James Post author

      I was very glad as I can not see life without her yet. She is still young and healthy at this time

    1. Eva James Post author

      I had not researched it for humans but glad to know it might help.

    1. Eva James Post author

      The best way would be to save the web address in case you would need to ones for bleeding problems also. Bambi has improved a lot with this treatment.

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