Dogs for Small Spaces

Hello Readers! Do you live in a small space but still want a dog? Here is a list of the best dogs for those in small spaces and the reasons why they are a good fit.

#1 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel–loyal, affectionate dog that requires very little physical exercise. They are docile dogs that are adapt very well to small spaces. They like to spend quality time with their owner.

#2 – Pug–fun, goofy, affectionate dogs that require little exercise or room. They are fun and growing in popularity.

#3 – Shih Tzu–fun name and fun dog! They are small, social dogs that enjoy spending time with their families. They are good with strangers, children and other animals and easily fit into a small space.

#4 – Bulldog–yes, they are bulky, but are good for small spaces. They require little physical activity and prefer to spend their time sleeping near their owners. You can usually find a bulldog in one spot.

#5 – Greyhound–very good surprisingly for small spaces. These dogs are bred to run quickly for short distances, so they do need a lot of exercise or space. They are actually quite the couch potatoes when they are not outside and they do not need a large yard.

#6 – Havanese–the small yet sturdy dog.They are small but they really do not do well when left alone for a long time…but they are cute!

#7 – French Bulldog–smaller in size, but not in personality.They are very fun-loving and social and make for a great small space dog.

Do you have a dog? If so what kind and do they fit well in your space?


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