Donate Blood and get all these Benefits!

Donating blood is one of the best life support a person could give to a person. It is more than the value of money. There are 75% of people around the world that are ill who needs blood every minute of the day. Agencies like Philippine Red Cross are urging everyone to please stop by at their office and voluntarily share your blood to the needy. They have blood bank and now having less number of bags of blood. There are a lot of benefits you can get by sharing your blood. Donate blood and get all of these benefits!

Blood Screening means Free Check-up

Before you could able to donate your blood, you will have to do a blood screening first. It is a must to check if you are healthy for the objective is to help other people and not to let them become ill. The doctors will screen your blood and you will have an overall check-up. People who have diabetes or stroke are not accepted to donate their blood regardless of their objective to help. It is a must that you are healthy first before donating. It is an advantage because once you are screened you could able to know if you have an illness too and it is for free. If you found out you can’t donate because of health issue, it is still good as you can able to medically treat yourself to save yourself.

Blood donation levels Iron in the Body, it means risk of Heart Attack

For a year, a person could donate 4 times. Have you ever wonder what it brings to you when you are regularly doing that? One of the benefits is that regular blood donation helps to level the Iron in the body. Too much Iron could lead to all kinds of heart illness and stroke.

Blood donation helps to fewer fats in your body

One of the proven and effective ways to lessen body fats is by blood donating. You lose 650 Kilocalorie once you donate. If you do it 4 times a year, then you could lose 2600 Kcal! Again, this is proven by a lot of people. And another, if you donate 4 times a year, it means you had 4 times free check up too. Every time you donate your blood should be screen and monitored with the amount of iron and hemoglobin levels.

Blood donations reduced the risk of having a Cancer

The same case with heart illness, once you donate blood, it reduced the risk of Cancer. This is for the same reason that regular blood donation levels the iron content in our body.

Blood donations Saves Lives

Saving lives are the main objective why you are donating your blood. You can add up blood to those who need more blood. Most are able to live normally. It is more than the value of money donation. This is the highest ranking donation ever done by a human being and the noblest too. Personally, it gives internal and true happiness. It is one of the humbling experience that everyone could never forget.

Donate blood now and save lives. We are all living in the world so we must help each other.


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