Duterte: It Has To Stop — Drugs, Drug Lords, Rapist, Criminals Corruption and The Like

Philippines have been infiltrated with drugs, drug lords, criminals (via kidnapping, carnapping, gun for hire, etc.) including the rapist via drug-related cases, corruption in the government that needs to uproot its cause and clean up the mess.

This nation needs overhauling its bureaucracy because it is rotten, decaying, polluted its foundation and it can only function well if it is well oiled with rigorous checking their integrity, honesty, dedication to their calling. But sadly, it is indeed in the abyss of no man can return from its former glory. Even the men in uniform didn’t spare from being part of it. Corruption after corruption, they are callous to criticism as if they act like they are doing their job with loyalty.

Our holy grail of sanity is also not spare from the politicians whom we thought they can alleviate the ever-increasing problem poor people that live in the city who are homeless, whose only shelter is the streets or living under the bridge, petty crimes committed by the minors, the senior citizen who were abandoned by their family or living beside a commercial building or under the foot bridge. These are but the sad truth in this society, that some of them are into selling drugs too, because of their poor living condition in order for them to survive for another decade.

The President-elect President Duterte made a strong statement that he will hunt these culprits in order to bring them to justice and if they resist arrest that could result in endangering the authority Duterte ordered them to shoot the criminals/drug lords on site! Though CHR (Commission on Human Rights) and other agency will not condone this kind of justice Duterte insists that in order to keep this nation free from lawbreakers they should be stopped!

President Duterte vows to stop the corruption that is detrimental to government agencies who are supposed to serve people and not to extort money from the citizenry. These wrongdoings are chronic and need to correct the proliferation of corruption for decades. Politicians who used and accused of using government funds are culpable for it, Duterte said that they should be punished if they are proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Just recently, either being sexually harassed in the office or any places, raped and killed by drug addicts, even closed friends or serial rapists tend to send terror in the land. President Duterte will not spare them from being punished. He is sending a strong message to these lawbreakers, they should stop doing it or else face the consequences.

I hope President Duterte will bring his promise to fruition and make this country back to its former glory as the nation who are in harmony with peace and a safe place to live in.


Photo Credit: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/files/2016/01/20160121lr03.jpg



  1. puroypoi

    The president should make it mandatory that every local government should cooperate with his plan to curb all those kind of community problems. I still have to wait and see that it will also implemented here in our place. And I’m hoping that after cleaning those people in the community , he will tackle too to make our country clean and green. 🙂

    1. John Post author

      it’s president’s prerogative to implement a mandatory check-up in the community to “see” the problems within it.

    2. Gil Camporazo

      He has already achieved it in curbing anomalies in the government offices. However, most of his achievements is focused on illegal drugs campaign which its infamous name, operation “Tokhang”.

  2. Bojel

    I am here wait-and-see for the future of the Philippines. Change will always start within us. If no one will accept change, i dont care. (Hehehe, just kidding). I would ask my fellow countrymen to accept and embrace change.

  3. Jacky Hughes

    I do know the Phillipines is a nation where many are Christians. May God hear your prayers for improvements.

  4. Gil Camporazo

    More than 7,000 drug lords, pushers were already killed by the police operatives and those who had been authorized to get rid of those illegal drug trade. As long as President Duterte is the chief executive of the Philippines, drugs, criminalities and even illegal gamblings have their sad fate to be eliminated.

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