Easy Way to Get a Consensus from a Discussion

Blogbourne is back!

I miss this site. I keep on tracking this for this is a good avenue to share ideas, information for discussions, interactions or whatever as long as thoughts old and news are presented.

Anyway what a coincidence I come across this a moment ago for it is my usual job or routine to visit this site. At this time, I am using my cellphone. I try to log in and I did. Check my articles, my earnings from my wallet. It’s good they’re still intact.

An idea came to mind. But about I try to write or post something for a discussion. I open the write pad and it does. I start composing my first comeback post on idea shared by my FB friend.

On Three Different Things

I have a good friend from Facebook. He is a well-respected presiding judge here in our regional trial court. With due respect to him and since he gave me the permission to use his picture-quote, I humbly present here for an interaction, comments, discussions or whatever.

By the way, I am referring to Atty. Ray Alan T. Drilon. Here’s his thought-provoking quote:

“What people Say, what they Mean, and what they Hear are so often three different things.”

I also share this to some of my friends. There so many so many ways of interpreting it. Even myself, I am well confounded who among their thoughts are reliable, are acceptable. Do I need to request an explanation or an interpretaion from Atty. Drilon. I would rather prefer not to disturb him.

My Way of Analyzing It

If we’re going to digest this just what the legal luminaries are doing, there are terms involved. One is Say. Second is Mean and third is Hear. It very clear at the concluding statement that they have different meanings.

Now the point of discussion or matter of getting a consensus is the misunderstanding that this statement may create. Do you agree? In what ground?

Anyway, to avoid that I make my own way of analyzing it. Thus, there should be clarification as what the theme or idea being discussed to define its scope. Then the meaning should be singled out to purport an exact point of idea to avoid double meaning or confusion. And the last is a confirmation that what have talked about, the limitation of its terms are cleared. No more other meaning or idea may come it for its already closed. Thus, a consensus is achieved.

What about yours?


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