6 Mind Boggling Reasons Why People Feed on Inedibles

The case of the man who physically fed on 40 knives might have baffled doctors but not me. Very many people have eaten things which are not food from time immemorial. Yet this case of swallowing knives is extreme. How can you eat one knife……..two knives…three…..till 40 knives. Then followed discomfort and finally it led into an operation. Metal is not sweet

Some Things People Have Eaten

The world we live in happens to be full of surprising occurrences that baffle many of us.  Wonders will surely not cease. If they cease then the world will surely be over. What have people not eaten? Here are examples:

1. Stones

There are some stones that people eat. It may be due to lack of a certain food type. But many stones lack any nutrient needed by the body. Instead, they cause diseases. Yet they are eaten and the habit spreads to others.


2. Feces

These happen to be human droppings. How a person should go to the extent of eating this dirt is beyond reasoning. I spied more than two people that used to eat this.


3. Clothes

People have eaten clothes, though they are not food.


4. Smoke

I wonder the food content found in smoke. Many have got cancer through the smoking of cigarettes, cigars, marijuana and other smokeable drugs.


5. Glass

Many have attempted to swallow glass, unaware of the danger this may pose. Glass can perforate the intestines and the stomach. It may be a hindrance to eating foods that offer nutrients to the body. Removal of the glass from the body may require an expensive and potentially fatal operation.


Why Do People Feed on Inedibles?

  1. Abnormality in the person. The person swallowing such may be mentally unstable. The abnormality forces them to experiment on taking inedibles down their gullets.
  2. Experimental. Man is an experimental creature. He wants to taste and test things out. It is due to such that great discoveries are made.
  3. Heroic deeds. There are those individuals who want to enter The Guinness Book Of Records. They want to be heroes. They want to be the ‘person who swallowed 40 knives’ and lived to tell the tale.
  4. Drug carriers. Drug carriers want an expanded alimentary canal to carry enough drugs in. Who knows what inedibles they may eat to get the desired effect.
  5. Pica may cause people to eat inedible substances. One craves to eat weird things.
  6. Malnutrition. Lack of a certain type of food or nutrient, like certain minerals, in the metabolism may compel one to feed on inedibles.


Featured image: Romi/Pixabay/CC0


  1. Gina M. Menorca

    I think the man who swallowed forty knives is some sort of a performer in a carnival that eat knives. and I believe as he aged his magic is getting weak that get him into trouble.

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