Emergence of fast bowling in Indian Cricket

For the first time in so many decades of cricket in India e have seen the complete emergence of bowling department of India which has shown complete development of potential with the advent betterment of pace batteries as well as stronger spinning departments which enable bowlers to attack bowlers with complete force and dynamisms. India has been famous for its batting with due course of time emergence of more and more stronger and world class batsman in every generation. Be it Dilip Sardesai, Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar and now Virat Kohli as we have seen the emergence of world class batsman in every age. The problem in India has been the lack of bowlers and especially world class fast bowlers and most of them should have been in five numbers to make the opposition out twice in terms of winning factors in test match crickets.

Test cricket is the true test of character and the test of concentrations of batsman to stay as much time as within the specified spheres of longer format of cricket. Now we have given the beginning of test matches at WestIndies where the first test match is currently going on at Antigua. Antigua is known as Vivian Richards cricket stadium as this stadium is better known for heroics and scoring at a fast neck speed during his times. His batting powers come forward with some of the most swashbuckling knocks which have inspired generations of cricketers worldwide. India first batted but this time the opener Murali Vijay failed chiefly as the ball rose sharply and touched his fingers of gloves and he was out but he injured his fingers and hopes that he should be good and better for the upcoming test matches ahead.

Other openers batted well and intercepted some opening bowlers from the West Indies. Pujara again failed to leggy. As for some time he has trouble facing spinners, and it is the most surprising aspect considering he has scored tons of runs including triple centuries in domestic cricket matches in India. Then comes the skipper of India, and he continues to score runs with significant neck speed and finally scored his maiden double century of his career. So for till then he has not scored a double century in any format of cricket and now it has done in the test and he became the first test captain of India to score a double century outside India. It is simply the stupendous achievement considering this record has not been done even so many years of playing test cricket in India.

There was the time when India goes overseas and loses the first test but after Virat taking over the reigns of captaining of test cricket. Test cricket is all about playing nicely with strongest, while we have seen the different determination from Indian test team to play for better as the man who comes to the crease was determined to perform nicely. West Indies batting is brittle and bowling is not hostile any more and why this is happening we do not know but still we are very much worried about it. There is something special about performances of fast bowlers, which the nature of pitches of West Indies has been reduced to a considerable extent and most of their pitches, are now batting paradise and for this bowling at the right spot is the most important part of bowling of India.

It seems there are nicer moments of Indian cricket on the cards and for the first time we have seen emergence of bowling department, and with a stronger batting there should be nicer and stronger part of betterment of Indian cricket should be possible in the days ahead.


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