Ends with a Celebration

There is three parables in the Bible that has the same ending, celebration.

The Parable of the Lost Sheep (Luke 15:3-7)

            There was a man who owned a hundred sheep. One day, one of his sheep was lost. He left his job and went to search for his lost sheep. He decided not to come home even its about a night now because he wanted to find the lost ship. When he found the lost ship, it was near the ravine and was crying. He used his cane and got his sheep. He laid it on his shoulder, rejoicing and when he comes home, he called his friends and neighbors and asked them to rejoice with him, ” for he found the lost sheep.” Sometimes, we, as Christian, we are lost because of the decision we make. We go far from what we do and what we believe and later on, it seems that we cannot go back to the fold. We are in a deepest loneliness and trouble.Life sucks and we decide to end our life but our Father in Heaven is searching for us always. If we think that we are alone and no one cares for us, our God, will never forsake us. He will use other people to bring us back to God. 

The Parable of the Lost Coin  (Luke 15:8-10)

There was a woman who has ten silver coins. She lost his one coin. She got her lamp, swept the floor and search carefully till she find it. When she found it, she called her friends and neighbors for a celebration. Some people are like the lost coin. They didn’t know that they are lost. They live life as it is. Thinking that they are in the right flock but they are lost in the flock of God for they believe not the Word of God. God still looking for them to be in the flock of God. God loves them and if they come home, a rejoicing in heaven will happen.

The Parable of the Lost Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-24) 

There was a rich man who had two sons. The younger one asked his inheritance from his father. He got his money and went to a far country. He wanted to discover life and be different from what he was from his Father’s house. When he came to a city, he found many friends, ladies and gentlemen, they are. They were merry and glad, using his money and everything that he got from his father. His friends never think about the future but continue the life they were doing. Of course. The time came that all his money gone and he found out that all his friends too gone with his belongings and when the time he was hungry and thirsty, they knew him not.

The World Today

That’s how our world is today. If you are rich and wealthy, so-called friends are with you but when you are poor and needy, nobody will come to help you even with a coin. They can still mock you and insult you because of your stupidity in life. The prodigal son experienced the lowly life with the pigs. He ate the pig’s food in order to survive. We knew some people like this. They do anything even it is bad to survive in this Earth, but there is a time that they will remember that they have a home. A home where there is no lacking of food. Even the servants eat not like what he is eating. Then he analyzed how ingrate he was but living like this can’t let him go on and on. He repented his decision in life. He knew he commit sin against God and His father. One day, he decided to come home and ask forgiveness from His father.

Our Father is Always Waiting for Us

Without knowing, his father is always waiting for his coming. Daily, he is seeing far distance hoping that the son will come. His brother scornfully and sarcastically talked to his father about his lost brother but the father never lost hope. He always pray that his son is alive and will come home. The time, the prodigal son arrived, his father run at the gate and hugged him tightly and called his friends, his servants and his other son to come for a feast. There will be celebration for the son that was lost is found and the son that was dead is alive now. What a rejoicing indeed when the lost is found.

The Similarities of the Three Parables

The three parable are different in setting and plot but there is similarities there. The celebration.   It is same with God. Once a lost soul is found and come back to God, a great celebration in heaven with all the angels and creature there will happen. Why? Because, Jesus died on the cross for the lost. We are the lost humanity when Adam and Eve disobey God. We became under the dominion of the evil one but Jesus paid the penalty of death on the cross so that we might live. Since that time, God is always searching for us. We thank God because we are found. Now, we must do our great commission to seek the lost and we will also celebrate with God when a lost soul is found. If you see lost soul, try to lead them to Christ. We are here for a reason and that is searching the lost soul.


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  1. Gil Camporazo

    Anything we find that we;re glad to have it. It’s everyone’s tendency to throw a party for thanksgiving. In other words, we should be happy when we get the solution to a problem and we should thankful in return.

  2. Cris Bernal Post author

    @patzanthony some do that but since we knew it, then we must not ignore those in need. I can say that in one way or another we need something and need someone to help us. But don’t expect too much from human because the tendency of them is to forget. have faith in God and later on you will found out that what you need is given and God use other people to fill that up. God bless.

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