English Conversation In Cambodia Nowadays

A:     Good morning! Pretty girl, we meet each other again. I really have a gift with you in this time.

B:     Good morning! You seem brazen–faced today.

A:     I want to ask you some question and I hope that you can reply to me without hesitation, sure?

B:     I don’t turn my hair; you can ask me by all mean.

A:     Which the most important to you: money, love, health or qualification?

B:     I choose qualification. According to the present requirement of the Royal Government, what we need are human resources to develop our country?

A:     Which do you choose between your parents and love?

B:     It’s a big problem. I can’t choose parents or love right now. I must judge this problem reasonable.

A:     Suppose you are married, before you do or offer something to your parents or siblings, do you consult about this matter with your spouse or not?

B:     I don’t know how to answer such a question but you know one proverb says “If you want anybody respecting you, you must respect yourself first”.

A:     In a family, who always makes a quarrel first the husband or the wife?

B:     In Cambodian society, normally the husband makes the quarrel first because most of them regard themselves as the masters of the families who take power in the families.

A:     In what age, do you want to get married?

B:     I can’t decide by myself. All the matters depend on my parents.

A:     According to the Cambodian ancient traditional and custom, “Children’ decisions are not bigger than family’s law”. What’s about the young generation?

B:     It’s the ancient ancestors’ traditional and customer of Cambodia people so the young generation must respect because it’s their duty.

A:     What’s the special present sending anonymously to lover on Valentine’s Day?

B:     The special popular present on Valentine’s Day is a bunch of roses.

A:     What kind of songs do you like?

B:     I love romantic songs, but normally I like both of songs traditional music and pop music.


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