English For Conversation: Friendship and Love

A:     Are friendship and love are set side by side? Can you explain?

B:     Yes, friendship and love are set side by side because friendship can become love but broken love can become enemy for life.                                                                           

A:     Do you choose friend according appearance or character, rich or poor?

B:     I like associating some friends who has good character. It doesn’t matter about property because it’s the things outside the body.

A:     What do you do when you upset?

B:     I do something to cheer me up like drinking alcohol to get rid of worry listening love song or going for the fresh–air.

A:     When are you cheerful?

B:     I’m cheerful when I get something as I wish.

A:     What do you like and dislike in your life?

B:     I don’t know what I like and dislike because I never consider about this matter.

A:     What thing do you need in your life?

B:     What I need in my life is that qualification, morality, virtue and dignity in my life.

A:     What color of clothes do you like and what does it represent in your mind?

B:     I like red; I think it represents my bright mind.

A:     What’s your future ambition?

B:     I want a proper job, honest love and live independently.

A:     Do you wish to live in Cambodia or abroad?

B:     I want to live in Cambodia because it is my own motherland and I wish to visit abroad.

A:     What kind of sports do you like?

B:     I like boxing, swimming and gymnastics.

A:     Where do you always go at the weekend?

B:     I always go along the riverside and national park sometimes.

A:     What do you eat and drink every time when you go out for a walk?

B:     I eat boiled corn, Chinese noodle, pregnant eggs and some drinks. I like coconut juice, sugar can juice and soy bean.

A:     How do you feel if anybody asks you to be a friend?

B:     I feel optimistic about this, as I think, many friends are better enemies.

A:     What is your hobby?

B:     My hobby is going sightseeing along the riverside or taking the fresh air at the tourist resort.

A:     What do you like to do for entertainment?


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