How to Write a Powerful pokemon Go Article


To say that I have some websites, would be a gross understatement as I have several hundred of them of which the overwhelming majority of them are like ghost towns, they have  roads and buildings, but they lack people.


Having said that, there are several of my Blogs which have really great visitor stats and it was with them in mind, that I wanted to share their success with anyone who is trying to find out how to write enticing types of articles which will keep readers addicted!


the best way I have found, to get people hooked on your articles is to write content which will remain popular for years to come.


What I did, was to take a good look at some of the best niche blog sites ranking on Google, and saw, where I could copy their styles into the posts on my own websites and right from the outset, my statistics shot right up.


Now, I know well enough, having written 1000’s of posts on dozens of sites across the length and breadth of the Internet, that there is a lot more to growing a readership than the few elements I am writing about here but why I chose to share these points, is that if you were to write in the style I’m going to explain, you will see right here on Blogbourne, how your readership will increase.
While some of the things I am including here will fit better with certain niches, there would be others that will simply work, no matter what you are writing about. The times when I’m in such a situation, I take a while to acquaint myself with the various qualities which makes them so addictive or appealing. If it looks like it will be taking my blog to the next level, I include those precise qualities into my related post.


One key aspect I have discovered, is that controversy in my content really makes a huge difference. No matter what type of post I am writing, there are very few things which get more people reading certain stuff, than a great controversial topic. Take this quote by the famous Winston Churchill when he was asked to describe the controversial and enigmatic, Russia:Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” 


So, whether you choose a topic from any specific niche of your choice or inside the latest news, as long as people will have different opinions, controversy is by far the most addicting topics of all.


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  1. Ople Dulnuan

    You’re right! Topics that will heat up debates and controversy on social media drives large traffic to an article specially when shared on the right people/pages/interest on social media. This type of articles fall on the viral niche and don’t need SEO at all (just give it a good title and BOOM!). Using also hashtag of trending topics on social media helps you increase more traffic to your articles.

    1. Ople Dulnuan

      Regarding articles that would be all time relevant or evergreen. You have to do some SEO to keep them on top of search result. Thanks to the unique views feature, writer can benefit from it if they do so here.

  2. Peter B. Giblett

    Andre, I agree about the necessity of writing content that will be popular for many years to come. I am also a great believer in publicising your older work as well, tell people about it on Facebook, just as it were new.

  3. ANDRE' G Post author

    Two great comments, from two people I respect, each within his own right, Mr. Ople Dulnuan who had taken the brave initiative to start up Blogbourne, our article posting site which if nurtured, can well last for posterity and Mr Peter Giblett , a gentleman and a man of grace, and a writer of outstanding worth, a celebrated Toastmaster and moderator for and last but by no means the least, Andria Perry who has befriended me from the onset

  4. Sandy KS

    I notice if I write something controversial on my blog, I get more views. I don’t mind writing them. As long as people replying or leaving comments are open minded enough to agree to disagree. Instead of calling names.

  5. Vinaya

    I have noticed that however, writing a controversial content is itself a challenge especially when it is heavily saturated topic

  6. ANDRE' G Post author

    Thank you for your very valid comments which clarify clearly and concicely what I was trying to put across with the post.

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