Every Life Matters In This World

Today it seems like we live in a throw away society.  The sanctity of life doesn’t matter any more.  Every day we see/hear of shootings, bombings, women abandoning their own  children.  However, we don’t hear of every day how many abortions that are performed every day.  The world doesn’t value life anymore!!  Yeah, I was born in the 60’s when people wore peace signs and enjoyed life!!


Here we are in 2016 and instead of appreciating life more, we have people killing people over each other because they don’t like their race, religion or skin color.  Some people even think they’re better than others because of their skin color.  When has anyone been better than some one else just because of their color?  We are all humans, we all have feelings , thoughts and ideas.


There have been several instances in my life when I realized that people are prejudiced and can be hurtful.  I worked with mentally challenged adults.  Some of these individuals were “mildly” retarded, either with Down Syndrome or other mental issues.  In the group home I was a Residential Manager, we were able to take our individuals on outings in the public.  I never realized before this, but some people are “indifferent” to mentally challenged individuals.  That “normal” people make fun of them.  I guess maybe I wasn’t aware of it, because I would never stare or laugh at a mentally challenged individual when I would see them.  Not all people accept some one just because they may look or act different than they do.

When someone I knew found out what I was doing for a living, they said that it takes a “special” person to work with mentally challenged individuals.  I told them I wasn’t “special”, every one is “special” in their own way.


Another instance was when I was on the road with my husband in his semi truck.  People of all races drive truck and you can listen to their different stories on the c.b.  One man was talking about him being poor.  My husband chimed in the conversation, because they were talking about “black” people being poor and the slave issue of their ancestors,  that poor doesn’t have a color, but it has a taste.  The airwaves went silent!!


I think what we should be doing is helping people, teaching our children how important life is!!  We need to turn back to God, after all HE never has abandoned us!!




  1. Andria Perry

    I rent to people that are mentally challenged, actually I have three rentals filled with people who have special needs.

    I was taught ” you will become what you make fun of.”

  2. grace

    It is not easy to do the kind of job that you have done or are still doing. Handling the mentally challenged is the most difficult task. You have to deal with them differently and every individual there needs a different approach.

  3. IcyBC

    I am physically disabled, walking unbalanced, and all my life I had to endure the teasing, and the staring, so I can relate to what you said.

    I am bother with the slogan black lives matter, when it should be All life matters just like what you said. We are living and going into such a divided world now because of this.

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