Every Thing Happens For A Reason…

My life motto is “Every Thing Happens For A Reason.”  Some times, like today, however, I wonder why it happens the way it does.  My “great” niece that I mentioned in another post gave birth today to a baby boy. He was born  at 9:57 am. He weighed 2 pounds and 7 ounces and he was 14 inches long. He passed at 11:15 am.  You see, he was born without lungs or kidneys.  Apparently it’s a genetic disease and she found out through ultrasounds.  The doctors and even family members thought she should abort the child.  But she was determined and had faith that just “maybe” some thing would happen.  She did have an hour with her son, before he “returned home.”


Even though I’m sad for her and I could go through all the reasons why this happened OR even questioned why did this happen.  I truly believe that God has a plan.  Many can question why would God take an innocent child away from her mother?   It is NOT for us to question, God has a plan!!  Even though that plan maybe hard for us to understand..there is a reason for every thing that happens.  We just have faith and keep thinking that He has something better planned for us or maybe he brings tragedy to us to make us come together closer.  For whatever reason… “Every Thing Happens For A Reason!!”


Later when we look back at things we may understand why things happened the way they did, but at the time it may be hard.  Just don’t “judge” at the time it’s happening , why it’s happening.  In the end, we’ll know why it happened the way it did and we’ll realize that yes, “Every Thing Happens For A Reason!”  Often something will happen not the way we had anticipated/expected for it to happen, but it will always come out right in the end.  So believe me when I say, :Every Things Happens For A Reason.”


  1. Kyuminette

    While I’m reading your post I can’t help to get hurt. I can take all kinds of problems but I cannot imagine if I can take if I lose someone especially its a part of my family.

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