Eyebright- Would A Plant by Any Other Name Benefit Your Eyes as Well?

Eyebright- would a plant by any other name benefit your eyes as well? How funny that it turned out that way? Was it named because of its eye benefits? Turns out it was named because the flower on this unassuming little plant bears the markings of a bloodshot eye! Perhaps nature was just drawing attention to it for its benefits.

However the name came about, eyebright has been soothing eyes for centuries. Used in both traditional and folk medicine, it has helped conditions like excessive eye watering, strain, sties and several eye irritations. All of the flower can be used for healing benefits, and in most cases application is in the form or a warm compress or a tincture.

Some of the properties that lend eyebright its awesome healing capabilities are the alkaloids, glycosides, phenolic acids, anti-oxidants, volatile oils, etc. These properties deliver an anti-inflammatory and anti-catarrhal action and can also benefit conditions of sinus infection and other sinus complaints, bronchitis and certain allergies.

It also has been used in cases such as cataracts, macular degeneration and even diabetic retinopathy. Still, eyebright with all its impressive results can’t promise to put that certain sparkle in your eyes,  but it  can do its share in making your eyes clearer, brighter and more unforgettable! Here’s looking at you, eyebright!

Courtesy: Pixabay Free Image


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