Fall Means Time to Stock Up for Winter


Stocking up may not be an issue for some in other states, but in Illinois the weather can get very harsh, so most of us stock up during the fall. This is especially important for those who live out in the small country towns and have to drive several miles just to get the bare essentials. When fall weather starts to roll in, that is our cue to start the stock up for winter process.

Stock up without Breaking the Bank

You can save money by stocking up in the fall when you find things on sale. This is especially useful for dry goods, canned goods and essentials like shampoo, laundry soap, dish liquid and toilet paper. It’s a real pain to run out of shampoo and it’s so icy you can’t even back out of your driveway! Always make sure you have plenty of the essential needs on hand way before the weather gets bad.

I am not a big fan of couponing, mostly because I will cut them out and either leave them at home, or forget about them until they have expired. If you do use coupons, that’s another great way to stock up in the fall without breaking the bank. Check the internet for places to download coupons. Just go to the website of your favorite brand or product and search for coupons.

Stock up on More Than Just Food

Being stuck in your house during a snow or ice storm can get boring. You may even lose power. Stock up on things to entertain your family and ways to have light and heat, just in case you need them. If you have small children, get a small plastic tote and fill it with Dollar Store games, toys, books and other gadgets they will enjoy. Grab a few items every week until the tote is full, but be sure to keep it put up until you need it!

I crochet a lot in the winter, so in the fall I am looking for bargains on yarn to stock up on. Look at thrift stores, yard sales and auctions. At times you can purchase a big box of yarn for just a few dollars. Whatever craft you do, look for bargains during the fall and stock them away for winter. Easy crafts are a fun way to entertain children and spend some quality time with them.

Stock the Freezer for Winter Cooking

If you just have a refrigerator freezer, it might save you some time and money to purchase another freezer. You can find good ones at resale shops and on local yard sale groups on Facebook. When there is a great sale on meat or other things that can be frozen, buy a few extra pounds, or whatever you can afford at the time. Just be sure to add at least one item to your weekly grocery shopping for your winter stock up.

Another great reason to do this in the fall is because the weather has turned cooler. I don’t know about you, but I am not a big fan of lugging a lot of household supplies from the car to the house when it is 100 degrees or even when it is 20 degrees. Fall weather is perfect for that!

I hope I have you thinking about things you need to stock up on now that Fall is here. I also hope you don’t get such bad weather that you need a huge supply, but it is better to be prepared and stay safely home in a nice warm house than it is to travel the treacherous winter roads for a loaf of bread! Oh, see and that’s another good point…you won’t have to fight the crowd of panicked people who rush to empty the store shelves every time the weather man predicts bad weather.


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Fall is the perfect time to stock up for winter

Fall is the perfect time to stock up for winter


  1. Tania K Cowling

    Your article hits home, but in a different way. I live in Florida so by the time fall hits we are at ease when it comes to hurricanes. But, come June we stock up on food, water, batteries, and other supplies for the storm season. Pretty much the same idea, but for a different climate.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      Yes, I guess it’s the same concept but for a different season. I hadn’t thought about you all stocking up for hurricanes. Have you written on that? Some mind find it useful in how to prepare to ride out a hurricane.

  2. Pat Z Anthony

    Yes, this is the time to get ready for the change of season. Many we know have been canning foods to be sure they have plenty for the cold weather.

  3. Jacky Hughes

    This seems a far cry from getting cut off here in an English village. We were blocked by snow a few years ago, but the only shop still got our bread and milk. I just do not know how I could keep supplies for a period of time in my tiny house. Your article reminded me of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I cannot decide if being so isolated would be fun or just plain boring!

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      I actually enjoy being isolated so long as I have the supplies I need. Our country roads get very bad during a snow storm and we are a tiny village without a lot of equipment to keep it clear, so it is much safer to stay home as much as possible. Cooking, baking and crafting keeps me busy.

  4. Gina M. Menorca

    We don’t have winter but we have long raining season and typhoons and floods so we try to stock-up our basic necessities and instant meals and canned goods.

  5. Gil Camporazo

    We don;t have to worry about stocking up everything especially foods. We have only two types of seasons, the dry and the wet seasons. We usually storing a lot of items when the rainy season takes too long.

  6. Vickie Ewell

    We get lots of snow here, but we also currently live in a metropolitan area. A few years ago, we lived further south, in a very small town, so we had to do a lot of stocking up for the winter too. The snow there was a lot more than we get here. Often, we’d never see the front lawn all winter long.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      Yes. Illinois sometimes gets lots of snow too. Plus I will not drive on bad roads so I make sure I am stocked and can make do until the roads are good and clear. My nearest store is about 10 miles on country roads. Nope!

  7. Ceci

    Just realized that people need to stock up other than insects and animals. I stay in Tropical country, no need to prepare for winter.

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