Fall Means Precious Trips on Nature Trails

It’s the middle of September and fall is supposed to make its presence felt and claim its right to rule over my country for the next couple of months or so, until the cold ruthless winter takes over the reins of power. However, the unusual high temperatures for this period, which have reached maximum of even 30 degrees Celsius during the past few days in the area where I live, show how stubborn the summer is this year. It simply refuses to give way to autumn as it should happen in an area with temperate climate, where there used four clear seasons, each with its own characteristics.


Unfortunately, that clear order of things with whom I have been used since I was a child has been dramatically  overturned in the past few years, mainly because of the reckless actions of humans which caused this extremely worrying phenomenon known as global warming, whose negative effects are already obvious during our lifetime and will probably have even more devastating effects on the lives of the future generations. It is a sad reality to whom the people who live in my country, and probably in other parts of the world which used to have real temperate climate, have to adapt in order to survive.


Therefore, on this beautiful sunny day of Saturday, September 16 I had to find a way to get the heat out of my mind and  spend several pleasant hours in the middle of nature, away from the scorching sun. Luckily, the solution was at my disposal, and I didn’t hesitate to apply it:  a trip to the top of the Magura Mountain, one of the numerous forest areas which can be visited on area of about 30 kilometers from the town where I live. The Magura Mountain, which is situated right next to the small and beautiful town of Targu Ocna, is in fact more a hill than a mountain, as it is only a few hundred meters high, but a journey to the top of this hill is always a lovely experience.

There are two tourists attractions on top of that hill, namely a monument dedicated to the unfortunate soldiers who lost their lives defending the independence of Romania against the German and Austro-Hungarian invaders during World War I, and a monastery which has been recently rebuilt and where people from all over the country come to spend some time with themselves and God in a peaceful, spiritual atmosphere. Those spiritual and cultural targets are enough to convince anyone to make that  rather short journey, of about one hour if you do it at faster pace, on foot. You can also choose to do it by car, as there is a winding road which leads to the top of the hill, but I have always preferred the journey on foot as I consider one of the best experiences a person can enjoy in the area where I live.


Anyway, as I was telling you before, I spend a good chunk of this unusually hot fall Saturday going up and then on top of the Magura hill and it was a great experience. Once you get past the sunny area and start walking on the road which takes you to the top of the hill you find yourself surrounded by nature: trees of different sizes whose foliage still allows you to enjoy a cool temperature, small birds flying and all sorts of other plants which you can admire on your journey up the hill, plus the fresh air you can breathe, all these elements drastically change your mood in a positive mood. Finally, at least for a few years you are away from the noise of the crowds and the  pollution of the cars, you are in the middle of Mother Nature and you feel more alive than ever!

That was how I spend my perfect fall Saturday; it is an experience I am going to repeat in one of the following weekends, and I anticipate it will be quite different from the one I had today. I expect the Magura Mountain to offer me less spectacular views as leaves will start falling from the trees and the lush green landscape I admired earlier today will turn into a rather desolate view, that will probably induce a more melancholic state in  my brain, which is absolutely normal when autumn comes, but still I anticipate that I will enjoy that trip as well.

The journey I have made today took place at a moment when there’s still a grey area between summer and fall, but when the latter finally becomes the dominant force, I will have much different feelings on my next trip over the hills and far away. As a conclusion, I can’t say that I’m glad fall is here, but this season has a certain charm and a melancholic vibe which resonate with my soul, so I can’t say that I dislike it. As long as the weather is good enough to allow me to spend my weekends doing small trips in nature, I will probably enjoy this fall!


Image credit: My own picture.


    1. Profile photo of Sebastian Onciu
      Sebastian Onciu Post author

      Yes, it is, and I hope I can make a few more trips like this in the following weekends if the weather doesn’t get cold and rainy.

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    Tania K Cowling

    I’m so looking forward to fall, probably my favorite season of the year to go outdoors and enjoy nature.

  2. Profile photo of Gina  M. Menorca
    Gina M. Menorca

    I didn’t experience fall season but, on pictures, I think It is very wonderful. The color of the leaves is turning yellow. I love it. It just I do not know how the weather feels like. I think it is so magical.

    1. Profile photo of Sebastian Onciu
      Sebastian Onciu Post author

      Yes, the weather many not be great, but the landscape is truly magical when leaves fall. I live in a region where there is generally a clear distinction between the four seasons; I don’t know if this is an advantage compared to people from other parts of the world, but I can’t complain of a lack of diversity: from freezing cold to scorching sun, I can experience a lot of climates throughout the year.

  3. Profile photo of Francine Labelle
    Francine Labelle

    Fall in the Ottawa-Gatineau valley where I reside is a splash of colour ranging from yellow to orange to the bright red of the maple tree leaves. Walking on the Gatineau promenade during any autumn day presents a breathtaking picture. The leaves are slowly falling down and forming a carpet under your feet. It is my second favourite season of the year after winter. Unfortunately I am not a summer person at all as I cannot tolerate long and hot and humid summer days. Enjoy your autumn and I will enjoy mine. Have a great time.

    1. Profile photo of Sebastian Onciu
      Sebastian Onciu Post author

      It sounds like a great view in the valley where you live; I guess the magic of the autumn is as powerful as it is in my country. Enjoy your lovely autumn as well!

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