Family should always be the first priority….


                                                       Photo Credit : Pixabay Free Photo


As we grow up, the race to become one of the best in our fields becomes one of our priority. But there are few people who hardly take out time for their families when they make this thing as their first priority. Growing in our fields is good but that doesn’t mean that we should forget taking out time for our families. They should always be our first priority without any doubt.

Since our childhood days, we have been taught by everyone that life is a race and we should always have to make things work, otherwise it would be very tough for us to survive. Like everyone, I too have been taught the same. But I have always given the first priority to my family who is my everything. Without them we are absolutely nothing and I don’t know why people forget about it.

Life is surely a race but that does not mean that we should stop giving time to our families while taking part in this race. It is good to work for a better future but it would be great if we keep up with our families while making a better future for them. Work for them but also make sure to give proper time to them.


  1. JoDee Stout

    Also, when we grow up siblings and parents may move away from each other, but we still need to keep in touch with them. Thankfully social media is there to keep us in touch with family far away!

  2. Sharon Epperson

    I have always been taught thst to have any relationship work, you have to put God first. I try but dont always get it right: God, husband, kids, self, and then others.
    But, if I put God first, my days seem to go much better.

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