Frequently Asked Questions

What is
– Blogbourne is a free social blogging platform that shares its advertising revenues to the content providers (members).

How much of the advertising revenues of Blogbourne goes to the community?
– Blogbourne shares 50% of its gross income to the community. The remaining 50% goes for keeping the site running and further improvement of services.

How can I earn on
– There are instances where users are rewarded, you can see all on the Earning Table in the Wallet page.
How do I get paid?
– Blogbourne realizes its total monthly revenue upon receiving all payments from Advertisers/Ad Networks. After that, a value for every coin (our currency) is provided. If users have enough coins, they can now buy “Paypal Funds” and/or other products available on the shop. *Note that value of coins varies every month depending on the site’s generated revenues.

How’s the process of making a payment request?
– 1. Login to your account.
– 2. Click “Market” on the left panel of the site. There you can see all products available. Note that payments are available as products on the shop (e.g. US $10 PayPal Funds).
– 3. Choose what product you want then click on the “Add to Cart” button.
– 4. Go to the “Cart” page which can be accessible as sub-menu of the “Market” panel or on the top-right corner (for computers and tablets). There you can see and update your order.
– 5. Click “Proceed to Checkout” and fill up the required fields.
– 6. Click “Submit Order”.
*Note: You will only see the “Add to Cart” button on product archives and single product page after 2 months prior to our launch.

How long do I have to wait before I can receive my payment?
– After submitting a payment order (payment request), we will send your funds within 7 days to your PayPal account, and or any other payment gateway which may be available in the future. This may extend up to 30 days depending on the number of payment requests.

Update: July 10, 2016