1. Linda Jenkinson Post author

    Oh thanks Pat- this is 5:55 Pat on Saturday afternoon- September 3rd and NOT The 4th as it says so hope I still qualify- it was a race to publish as I had my daughter over and have felt under the weather for a few days- Thanks again!

  2. Linda Jenkinson

    Thanks all for the comments- and I’m relieved all is still well after seeing the post-publish date as September 4th. Thanks Kyla for the quick response which gave me instant relief. ha! I had fun and as I mentioned have a cold but was worse as the cold started out – and while I was lying down, I thought of the implications of 40 knives and thus came up with the story- It was fun although very rushed! Thanks all who commented! Looking forward to reading the others!

  3. Linda Jenkinson

    Also may I add, that unfortunately every Tweet had man from “India” on it, so it sort of didn’t jibe. Difficult to get things perfect in the fictional world. Kyla, can one edit until winners are announced? I could also add the fact that it is fictional. I originally had it in the title but that made the title too long.?

    1. Kyla Matton Osborne

      Yes Lin, you can absolutely edit as needed. Why not add a subtitle in the body text to explain that it’s fictional?

  4. Linda Jenkinson Post author

    Thanks all! As I told Kyla, I would have loved that it really ended up looking like a news report- to add to the fun ending. Thanks for all the comments!

    1. Linda Jenkinson Post author

      So glad you had a laugh, Gina! When I saw the numbe 40 knives, I thought of the 40 thieves!

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