Fighting Diabetes With Tea

Research is still new in the study of diabetes and tea treatment.  However, with recent studies between both green and black tea using mice, it has been shown that tea may be an effective treatment for individuals who have Type II Diabetes.  Even though more research is needed, these early results are very positive.  Along with showing that tea help stabilize blood sugar in diabetic mice, it also slowed down the growth of cataracts which is one of the complications of diabetes. (NCBI).  Maybe you might want to swap your coffee with tea.

Fighting Diabetes With Tea

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Green tea slows down the release of sugar from starchy food.  This tea is a natural blood thinner and therefore helps prevent your blood from clogging up your arteries which in turn prevents you’re your arteries from getting clogged.  This tea also prevents you from getting diabetic retinopathy which is “caused by damage to the blood vessels of the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye (retina)” (mayoclinic).  Green tea comes both as a supplement and in the form of a tea.  If you take it as a supplement, follow the recommended dosage on the label.  You can drink green tea throughout the day.  However, since it can dilute medications you are already taking-making them less effective-do not drink the tea within an hour of taking your medication.

If you prefer black tea over green tea, you do not have to switch.  This more popular beverage in the United States contains the same health benefits as green tea.

Both green and black tea can be purchased from a majority of grocery food stores either as tea bags or loose tea.  These simple and inexpensive beverages come in a wide variety of flavors which means you will easily be able to find something that will be satisfying to your taste buds. It is a good idea to look for added flavors such as cinnamon and other herbs and spices that contain properties that lower blood sugar.  Some other herbs and spices you can sprinkle into your tea include:


Bay Leaf


Dandelion Root



If you need to sweeten your tea, use a teaspoon of honey.  This contains many health benefits as well.

Whether you drink it hot or cold, you are on the way to controlling your diabetes.  However, drinking one cup of tea in a while will not bring your blood sugar down.  You need to include this with your daily regimen with medications, proper diet and exercise.

While it can be a devastating disease, you do not have to let diabetes control your life.  By moderating your diet by avoiding refined sugars and trans fats, limiting carbohydrates and including fruits and vegetables, herbs and whole grains you are on the healthy way to stable blood sugar.  Make sure you get your exercise in each day and spend some of your time outdoors.  You do not need to join a gym and get involved in a vigorous workout.  All you need to do is walk around the block.  Doing this not only will help control your diabetes, it can help lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of getting heart disease.  While the above remedies may help control your diabetes, never stop taking your medications.  This is a serious disease and only a competent doctor should tell you to cut down on your insulin and other medications you are already taking.




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