Filipino Dish: Chicken Tinola

Chicken Tinola is one of the Filipino foods that we are most often cooking for our family and I just want to share this to all of my fellow writers, I know that some of us have different nationalities and I would like to introduce this dish to all of you. It is very easy to cook and I am sure you can follow the step by step on how it is cooked.


1 pc.     diced ginger

4 pcs.  minced garlic

1 pc.    onion

1 pc.    tomato

1 pc.   Sayote

1/2    kilo chicken

4 tbsp. cooking oil

Fish sauce


3 cups of water

Moringga leaves



  1. In a pan put the 4 tbsp. of cooking oil, saute the ginger, garlic, onion, and tomato.
  2. Add the ½ kilo of chicken and pepper then simmer for about a minute until the chicken is golden brown.
  3. Add the sayote (vegetable pear) and add the fish sauce and simmer it again for another minute until the sayote is tender.
  4. Add the 3 cups of water then let it boil and add the moringa leaves to make it even healthier.
  5. That’s it! Easy and ready to serve for the family.

I am sure you can follow this Filipino dish called “Chicken Tinola”.

chicken tinola


Article is written by me @elmcee1813

copyright 2016






  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I don’t think I can get the moringa leaves, but we should be able to get the rest. I’m happy to have a recipe that uses sayote (it’s sold as “chayote” here.) I discovered this vegetable years ago, but never really knew how to cook with it.

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