The Final Battle, A Short Story

Umilio awoke a changed man(Image: geralt/Pixabay/CC0)

Umilio awoke a changed man
(Image: geralt/Pixabay/CC0)

Umilio was not fully revived from his ordeal but he realized that the frightening experience had left its mark on him. He had lived through something that no single human being had experienced on earth. And now he found himself endowed with some mysterious powers. He was able to hear and see things that were hidden from him before. Being able to understand fluently the animal language was not enough; he could also see inside any creature, including people as if he were viewing an x-ray. To his shock, he found that he could be anywhere he willed in the mere shake of a lamb’s tail. The realization brought shivers of fear down his spine. The spiritual world was on his fingertips too.

Standing undecidedly where the rider of the pale horse had left him beside the altar where he was to be sacrificed, he perceived movement from Ezeumwo’s body. So the man was not dead after all. Umilio realized he was a spirit inhabiting a human body. The weird dancers and the forty knives were spirits too. The 40 knives had not been absorbed by the sword the mysterious rider carried with him on the pale horse. They had miraculously been left on the ground and were now stirring to life. And so were the forty weird dancers! As if on cue, they all rose up and braced for war with Umilio.

The battle was drawn. Eighty-one spirits of Amadioha against one missionary of the Most High God. Ezeumwo flew into the air and wanted to deal a mighty kick to Umilio’s manhood. The kick would have been fatal but the missionary anticipated the move of his adversary beforehand and was able to duck out of the way in time. Ezeumwo was sent scuttling into a heap of firewood that was the sacrificial altar. With the speed of lightning, Umilio raised his hand. There was a cracking sound, then fire and brimstone rained down upon the altar. A fire that had not been ever seen on earth erupted

Like a jet, burning Ezeumwo skyrocketed from the fire. Terrible groans and abominations were emanating from his lips. He came and landed directly opposite his opponent. The other eighty spirits who had formed a ring around the two adversaries stood like spectators rather than fighters. They began to advance upon the pair but Ezeumwo motioned them to stop. Before he could make another move, Umilio raised both hands and lightning struck down the burning Ezeumwo and his spirits. There was a deafening crash of thunder.

Umilio wasted no time. He opened both his hands as if in surrender,then the ground opened and swallowed the spirits. Umilio closed his hands and the ground crushed, burying the spirits deep in the bowels of the ground. Umilio shook his head and from the clear sky, rain fell in torrents.

Drenched with the wet rain, Umilio knelt in the wet mud and gave thanks to the Almighty God. To God be the glory. It is to Him that all things were, are and will be.


(This story is a continuation of “Mysticism Meets Spirituality” and “Rider on a Pale Horse.” The plot, characters, and all else herein are my own creation and fictitious.)

Featured image: ulleo/Pixabay Free Images/CCO


  1. Jacky Hughes

    Does this come as part of another story? I mean, are there previous chapters? It is a good way to describe the spiritual battle. Some of it reminded me of a writer called Frank Perretti who did a series with a similar theme.

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