Finally Going To Do It

 I have been going back and for about starting a blog about working from home. I have many opportunities that I currently do  myself that are honest,  legitimate ways to make money.  I know there are so many blogs out there in that niche, but I feel most are just out to get your sign up and really not out to help you.  I want to help people to find ways to  bring some extra income. Times are hard, especially in these economic times. I am doing this to supplement our income and have for years. My husband is a painter and means downtime. We all need that extra money in one or the other.

I am also going to set up an FB group so others can come in as well and we all can support each other. I think support goes such a long way. It so easy to  say “hey come sign up with my opportunity” and once you reel them in to just leave them wafting in the wind. I have seen that so many times and have had that done to me too. Not a good feeling at all! So, as we speak I am working on my blog. Of course I have started this blog so many times before, but this time I am sticking to it. 

What about you, do you have a passion? Do you like helping others? If you could, would you?



  1. JoDee Stout

    @marie42, add me as well when you get your site up. I like to help people but more on a one to one, face to face basis, not through social media and to promote things.

    Btw, congratulations!!

  2. Vinaya

    What kind of blog? free or paid? What is your main topic for blogging? I have three self hosted blogs

  3. Marie Edgerly Post author

    @vinaya I am using a free one right now until I get my domain name. It’s going to be about working from home. @zelfiquin yes I am too. I am more on this site then anything else. I know how you feel, I was a stay at home mom for years. My kids are grown now 🙂 My husband is a painter and with some downtimes he has, we need all the extra money we can get. I have other income opportunities as well I do.

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