Find out how this baby Changed my Life

What do you think about babies? Surely they are cute, they are innocent, they are funny, small and cuddly. To be honest, I am not a person who likes babies. When I see babies, I am not even smiling at them. If I saw them smiling at me that is only the time I smiled back and play with them. When my nephew was born, I failed to carry him into my arms. My mother said I need to carry him to feel his heart beat so that I could develop a soft part for him. I did not force that to happen. Until one day it just happened. Find out how this baby changed my life.

When my nephew was growing, I able to get involved in taking care of him. It is in his third month that I able to get to know him better. He is a smart baby. For 3 month old, he knows how to hold you tight. He loves looking for my hand and holds it tightly like he will never let me go. I can feel his soft skins on my dry palm. It seems like I am feeling how his blood is flowing. While holding me tight, he is looking at my eyes. His eyes were all smiling. He is like thanking me that I am there for him, taking care of him. It is a magical feeling. It immediately transforms me into a person who will do everything for a baby. That day I changed my views about babies. I really changed just for him.

I learned how to carry a baby properly. I learned how to prepare a bottle of milk, changed diapers, changed his clothes, put him a lot of powder, make me lose myself, be like crazy just to hear him laugh. I am a person who has limited patience with kids but with him, I am very careful to get stress and to get tired easily even though I am literally feeling it. I carry him until he falls asleep. I always have tired back and some series of back pain but I don’t care as long as I had provided the care and love that he wants.

He really changed me. Now, I am a person who has a pure heart and love for babies. I now understand how it hard to take care of them and why being a mother might be a tough job, but a rewarding one. Thank you, God for giving us a baby that will inspire our life. He makes us happy all the time.

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  1. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @brendamarie it changed me a lot sissy. I don’t care for babies before now I found myself looking at the pictures of babies in the internet.

    @stbrians I agree. One of them or most of them will be a great leaders so we need to guide them properly.

  2. JoDee Stout

    Yes, babies aren’t just crying babies, messy diapers or need to be fed. Babies have an unconditional love love for those people that nurture them. I can hear/see it in your voice/writing how much you care for your nephew. When it’s your time you will be a good mother, sissy!! 😉

  3. Lee Ka

    It’s so nice that you have experience taking care of a baby before you have your own. I always wished my elder brother would get married and have baby first, so I might have a chance to learn how to take care of a baby before mine. 😀

    Yes, I agree that we can always learn a lot from babies or children. It’s so nice to be with them and learn from them. This reminds me to be humble again.

    Sending my wishes to your lovely nephew! By the way, how old is he now?

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