Finding Courage To Fight Our Fear

Remembering the worst thing that ever happened in your life was the devastating journey that everyone do not want to venture. Life has to go on. We can never ever want to replay it in our minds but, it is there, lingering. Any moment it will resurface. A ghost in the past is coming back. A Flashback seems so  inevitable. Dreams are forever coming like a nightmare haunting you till you cannot breath. It seems that peace has been an enemy.

Recalling the past. A reenactment being played in your mind. It will help us. It will make us challenge ourselves. Try to bring out the best for what worst it has been. Try to console yourself that it was just a bad memory trying to tell us something, it is relaying a message towards yourself. Try to forget the fear. Let the truth inside you prevail. The truth that is the only thing that can unchained you from the past.

Yesterday was never today. clock turns clockwise, time moves forward. Whatever happen time is always  changing, go change too.  Go with the flow. Be strong. Go change and embrace the past. feel it. Embracing and feeling your worst fear, it is the start of healing. You have to feel the pain to know exactly, what can cure you. Do not deny yourself to be your own doctor in finding the right diagnosis for  what you fear.

Break free and unleash your innermost being. humans are born survivor. We are the homo sapiens. People manages to put solution in every problems we encounter. Have faith in all the thing that you believe. Let God be your Guide, for he will calm your emotions. Be with your most trusted friends. Time heals all wound. And all will be better.


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