Finding My Groove In Life…

Well, I’m finally finding my groove! I’m a full-time writer again, now that I have lots of sites to write for and still waiting to hear about some others too. This is a good thing that just happened today and I should continue hearing back from others this week too. So far, I have 1 private client, 1 news site, 3 content mills, and here. I also have 2 blogs. I won’t list them all here since I don’t know whether or not I’m allowed.

It seems that we need to move out of this place we first landed in too. So, tomorrow we’re going to look into buying an RV. There’s a place around here where we can rent to own one. It’d be about 30 minutes from Habitat for Humanity too, which would be better than the hour I drive now. I’m now working more hours there and doing Wednesday through Saturday and my daughter wants to start coming in too.

If we do move there, I can start doing product reviews again, which I miss. I may even be able to do merchandising again, which I also miss, but the traffic is just horrible for that right now.

It seems when things were really looking down, they’ve started looking up again. I guess that means my schedule is going to change again, but hopefully things will be a lot easier now too. This is also occurring as my parents are now moving back to Pittsburgh at the end of the month. They actually wanted me to come back too, but I just honestly feel I belong here. Even my daughter doesn’t want to move back. It’s like there are things left for us to do here. What? We’ll have to wait and see.






  1. Marie Edgerly

    That is awesome. I know I need to find my groove 🙂 I just now got back into writing myself and may start really look into full time. You just never know what life will bring you.

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